My First Flossy- Jorge in Khaki

by - 8:01 AM

 Hi, Glamazons! I got my first Flossy footwear after our DBS Christmas Ball and was drawn to the Jorge design in Khaki. I chose it mainly because I love the grayish taupe color and I wanted something simple but different from the popular models. 

 I'll admit that I never thought of buying one til I actually tried one for myself.  Flossy's just one of those shoes that strike me as trendy and youthful and while I like having my motds up to date, my overall sense of fashion is unremarkable and simple. I just don't like to overthink anything that doesn't involve makeup. 

  Flossy is a game changer in the sense that even basic gals such as myself can appreciate its beauty given the right style. I like no frills, clean lines, and basically colors and designs that go well with my black or gray bags. I want to be comfortable but put together without taking the focus off my motds.

 I put on my first pair and I just love it. It gives me a more relaxed look with my dresses, instead of the more formal look I'm used to. I feel younger and laid back but I don't feel like I'm trying too hard or look underdressed for as long as I have my makeup on fleek. The fact that I'm preggy and looking for comfy shoes only endears my new kicks to me even more. 

 I've been using it for weeks and it is hands down one of the most comfortable shoes I've ever used. It has that sweet strawberry bubblegum scent I like, and is just so light. When the shoes I wear aren't doing it for me, I usually have calluses by the end of the week. I either have to get a foot spa or use my good sandals to get my heels soft again but so far I haven't had that problem with the flossy footwear I got.

  It looks absolutely cute with almost every dress I have. You look so fresh and beach vacation ready when you use it with bright colors or anything with floral or tropical print. I'm no fashion blogger, but I like how it just blends seamlessly into my existing style. 

  It is currently my fave shoes to wear right now. I was skeptical about these shoes before but now I'm a believer. 

 I'm glad I finally tried a pair and now, I simply can't wait to add more Flossy footwear to my collection of shoes. 

 If you're in Davao and want to get your fresh Flossy kicks, visit Res Toe Run at SM City Davao or any Flossy shop to get yourself a pair. if you want an easy, fresh summer style without changing your entire wardrobe, find a pair of Flossy to change things up a little. You'd be surprised how a simple pair of footwear can make a difference.

 Thanks for dropping by and I hope you find the Flossy that's suits your lifestyle. May the glam be with you always!

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