Self- Care Items You can Get at Better Prices and Deals for the 7.7 Sale on Shopee

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 Hi, Glamazons! I don't know if you can relate but I have been buying most of my items online now because I am still wary about going out. At the end of the day, I am still in fact immunocompromised with my asthma and getting sick with covid again is just not something I want to risk.

My frustration about going to physical stores not only involves the risk of getting sick but also not knowing if the items I want will be in stock once I get there and also the fact that when I do buy them in stores, I find that I could have gotten a better deal for them online. Lots of items have promo deals and discounts online while if you choose to go to the stores there is a possibility they won't even have the promo or have run out of stocks for the items you want.

This week I went on Shopee to get my favorite essentials from Unilever Beauty Official Store for the June 30 Payday sale. Check out all the items they have right now as 7.7 will also feature great deals on self-care essentials you might want. You can get bundles and discounts on items you won't get anywhere else.

I got the Dove Go Fresh Body Wash in Sakura Bloom. I love Dove's body wash collection because it keeps my skin hydrated and moisturized after every shower. At 40, I've noticed that my skin just isn't naturally soft and supple anymore and it needs all the help it can get. The Sakura Bloom variant has the light fragrance of cherry blossoms and leaves skin feeling hydrated and soft to the touch. I use a variety of body wash and soaps but I always use Dove Go Fresh to let my skin recover when it feels dry. It is currently being offered at a buy 1 get 1  promo at P828 instead of P1380.

Image from Shopee Philippines

Another item I got was the POND'S Bright Triple Glow Facial Serum which has a brightening results that give you that glowing healthy skin. It has Glutathione that fades dark spots, Niacinamide that refines the appearance of your skin and Hyaluronic acid that deeply hydrates your skin. I've been using these compounds from 3 separate products and I'm really interested to see how a 3 in 1 product will help me with improving my skin condition. You can get the Bundle of 2 for this item. Get 2 for 490 instead of 980 while it is on sale.

Image from Shopee Philippines

Since I entered my 30's I've been obsessed with serums so I also decided to give the POND'S Healthy Hydration Watermelon Serum. It has watermelon hyaluron that will hydrate your skin. At my age I want anything that keeps my skin hydrated to achieve the much-coveted glass skin glow. It's on sale and I paid only P385 for it instead of P549.

Image from Shopee Philippines

Another essential item I always try to get at better prices and deals is ant- hair fall shampoo and conditioner. I got the TRESemme Salon Strength Shampoo and conditioner bundle for Anti-Hair Fall. It's the first professional  Anti-Hair Fall  Salon Strength they've made available for consumers. I shed a lot of hair when under stress so this is definitely something I want to try to incorporate in my haircare routine. I paid P772 for the set instead of P1544.

Image from Shopee Philippines

Of course I stocked up on my favorite antiperspirant Dove Deodorant Dry Serum Collagen Intensive Renew Vitamin B3 which is the best I've ever used to just get rid of dark marks while keeping me fresh all day. I got this bundle of 2 for only P270 instead of P324.

Image from Shopee Philippines

I also got a good bundle deal for the POND'S Cleansing Balm with Rose Extracts. I go through cleansing balms fast because I wear sunscreen everyday and I find that these balms melt the waterproof makeup and sun protection products I have on gently but more efficiently before I use my facial wash. I got 2 for only P722 instead of P1444.

Image from Shopee Philippines

These are just some of the great deals you can take advantage of on Shopee's 6.6-7.7 Mid-Year Sale. Get P66 and P77 deals, shipping vouchers, and 10% off everyday at the mid year sale.

There you have it, glamazons. If you use or are interested to try any of the products I just got, I shared deals on them for you to stock up on for your essentials. Don't miss out on these hot promos from Dove, POND'S, and TRESemme.

Thanks for stopping by and may the glam be with you always! :)

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