My Fave Thing With My Kiddos--- foodpanda Wednesdates

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 Hi, guys! Whenever it's just me and my daughters at home, we always try to bond together by watching movies on our streaming services and order snackies through foodpanda or even without a movie, the kids and I just love being able to veg out at home and indulge in snacks and meals from our fave restos. This little tradition we have when hanging out is rooted on the fact that my kids want me to spend more time being with them rather than cooking all day although they do love homecooked meals also. 

We always get excited when our foodpanda delivery arrives

The idea of just hanging out, being lazy, talking and watching shows together and having our fave items to snack on just seems more appealing than me leaving them to their own devices to cook. What I like to do is give each of my child turns to decide what we are having for that day. Usually Wednesday is the day of choice because my older daughter will be at home to do her online learning and my younger  kid comes home before lunch from preschool. 

I don't quite know when exactly it started but foodpanda Wednesdays just became a mommy and kids thing for us and every time they see me opening that telltale pink app on my phone, they just get all excited.

Excited for their snack

The user-friendly platform allows me to conveniently browse through menus, read reviews, and compare prices before deciding what to order. I think for my kids, the biggest allure of the experience is being able to make the choice for the meal or treat. It also allows me to teach them about different cuisines, exploring new flavors, and encouraging a sense of culinary adventure whenever I order something we normally don't cook or eat at home. Chicken biryani, for instance, has become one of my older daughter's faves. My younger daughter has discovered how much she adores kimbap and sushi. So I believe this experience in itself can be a fun and educational experience for the whole family.

And you know what? Sometimes I just don't feel like cooking anything or feel like eating food I've slaved over. Ask any person that cooks regularly and you'll come to find that you just get tired of it and need occasional breaks. I definitely love the convenience foodpanda offers and I'm glad that it's helped me get closer to my girls.

I'm definitely looking forward to more Wednesdates with my girls and hope we build precious memories that they will be able to look back to when they are older or have little ones of their own to have Wednesdates with.

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