My 40’s Makeup Transformation

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 Hi, glamazons! We had our Murder Mystery DBS Christmas party recently and if you know me, this annual celebration is something I really look forward to every year. It’s that time of year when I get to express myself through makeup and this time I chose to don widow’s weeds for the occasion.

Widow with a motive

To be faithful to the 40’s look, I chose victory rolls for my updo although the hat mostly covered the rolls so the full do can't be fully appreciated. I blocked my brows to draw on a more arched, thinner and more rounded style popular during that time. More doe-eyed than siren style for eyes. I lined my lips to look more heart-shaped and emphasized the cupid’s bow rather than the Bratz doll plumped up contemporary one so popular nowadays.

And yes, there is such a thing as period hair and makeup. Each era reflecting the times and what is available to people at the time. 

I used sponge rollers to create volume for my hair

Personally, I had a really hard time with the hair because my own hair is normally just straight or wavy at the most and has zero volume. I had to use some mousse with the  smallest barrel size for my sponge rollers to create texture to create oomph for my rolls. This was my first attempt at them so for a first try, they were ok. I was really tempted to wear a wig or extensions for this look but I wanted to do a beauty deep dive into my look this year.

All in all I went for a femme noir look this year and I’m pretty happy with the results. I opted to use a suit dress, fascinator hat, lots of pearls, fishnets, and heeled mary janes. All of which are correct for the timeline I chose. I put in a lot of effort almost every year for my drag-inspired makeup looks and this really just allows me to go all out with expressing myself through my art. 

I just wanted to share my makeup experience for that night and I hope you liked my look as well.

Thanks for dropping by and may the glam be with you always!  :)

A fascinator hat, pearl accessories, a cigarette holder, fishnets stockings with mary janes, gloves, a vintage satchel bag, faux fur shawl, and a suit dress completed my look. Photo is by the DBS official photographer

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