Living Brighter with Sun Life's Next Big Gig

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We had the pleasure of attending Sun Life’s event dedicated to celebrating and discussing life as a financial advisor. All the stories and journeys that led to them choosing this path were so relatable and the speakers talked about their journeys so candidly. 

Sun Life Philippines, the leading life insurance company in terms of premium income, net income, and total assets, has organized a series of recruitment events called the Live Brighter Forum for aspiring Financial Advisors. These forums are part of the "The Next Big Gig" campaign, which aims to attract Millennials and Gen Zs to join Sun Life as Financial Advisors and create a lucrative income stream. The first event took place at the SMX Convention Center in Davao City on April 27, to be followed by the Zuri Hotel in Iloilo City on May 11, SMX Convention Center in Pasay City on May 18, and Laus Group Events Centre in San Fernando, Pampanga on June 15.

The Live Brighter Forums offer potential candidates the opportunity to discover the numerous benefits of being a Sun Life Financial Advisor. They will learn about the unlimited income potential, flexible working hours, and the rewarding experience of helping clients achieve financial security and a brighter future. Attendees will also have the chance to hear inspiring stories from existing Sun Life Financial Advisors.

In addition, participants can engage in various activity booths that simulate the tasks and experiences of a Sun Life Financial Advisor. These include the "Next Big Quiz," where attendees can test their knowledge about life insurance, the "Next Big Destination" booth which showcases the travel incentives available to Sun Life advisors, and the "Next Big Project" booth that highlights the corporate social responsibility initiatives of advisors. Visitors can vote on the project they believe advisors should support next and have the opportunity to win exclusive Sun Life merchandise and other exciting prizes.

If you are interested in joining any of the Live Brighter Forums, you can contact a Sun Life advisor or visit for more information.

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