Mini Review on the Spring Collection from Luxe Fragrances

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The Spring collection comes in plain colored boxes just like the previous ones.

Pretty and gem-like bottles with the label directly on the bottle

Hi, Glamazons! After getting my hands on the first batch of Luxe Fragrances from Luxe Organix, I just had to get their latest additions. They launched a spring and summer line and I’m so excited to tell you about them!

Just like the previous post about Luxe Fragrances, this is a non-sponsored post and because these fragrances are so affordable, it’s not at all hard to go ahead and collect all these eau de toilettes.

So here are my thoughts on these new variants from Luxe Organix!

Dreamy Bliss 

It is described as “a warm vanilla scent that is both sweet and musky. It is the perfect scent to celebrate individuality, and the experience of this fragrance inspires one to discover one's true self.”

Dreamy Bliss: A sophisticated vanilla scent

I can definitely smell the vanilla in this variant but instead of the typical sugary sweet vanilla scent, you get a floral, more alcoholic, and leaning more to powdery vibe than super sugary. This is a fresh but sophisticated, sharp, and assertive scent that is perfect for power dressing, special occasions, and date night.

Scent- 7 out of 10. It’s a beautiful scent that isn’t very common. It is a strong, mature and unapologetic scent.

Longevity- 5 out of 10. Lasts about 3 hours on skin and 4 hours on clothing. 

Sillage- the scent waft and projection is pretty decent at about 5 out of 10 considering it’s an edt. 

Secret Desire 

“A warm, spicy scent that is both alluring & sophisticated. The perfect scent instantly capturing attention, this fragrance empowers you to take risks and conquer your fears.”

Amp up the sexy vibe with this spun sugar scent

They say this scent is similar to BR 540 and it is a scent quite close to Mancera Instant Crush, just less of a beast because it is an edt, I suppose. It’s sweet like burnt sugar or cotton candy, warm and spicy that ends with a smokey, metallic note. Notes you might pick up are saffron, amber gris,and maybe a floral jasmine. You can also get woody notes. This scent is so different from the usual local profiles you get that is just either floral, citrusy or musky but rarely a mix of them. It’s a myriad of scents that just makes you wanna burrow your head in it and sniff to your heart’s content. It is for sure, a head turner for those that wanna amp it up and can handle this hypnotic scent.

Scent- 9 out of 10. I just am so very in love with the mix of scents in this fragrance. It’s sweet and sexy. The scent profile is just gorgeous but not for the faint of heart.

Longevity- 4 out of 5. They say you get nose blindness from this scent as you may not be able to smell it after a while and you would need multiple sprays of it as it only lasts 2-3 hours on my skin and clothing.

Sillage- 3 out of 5. The projection is amazing when freshly sprayed but honestly the sillage is just ok. It leaves some scent trail and you can smell it in your hair or when you move around but because it is an edt, you would need resprays and spraying lots of it to get to edp level. 

Sweet Serenity 

“A rosy, citrus scent that is both delicate & clean. The perfect scent that will bring out your soft feminine aura, this fragrance will truly charm anyone's heart.”

This is the scent for you if you are going for the clean girl vibe.

This is a beautiful and clean scent that is universally pleasant. Like a fresh out of the shower, floral shampoo scent almost. Very soft and very safe. Unobtrusive and gentle. If Lancôme’s Idôle and Clinique Happy had a kid, this would be it. It’s a perfect balance of rosy florals and citrus. 

Scent- 8 out 10. If you like the clean and fresh vibe, this is the scent for you. It is the safest blind buy of the three as I can’t imagine anyone would be averse to clean scents. However, if punchy, assertive, beast mode scents are your preferred kinds, you might find this a little boring. Not at all unpleasant but not as exciting as the other 2 scents either.

Longevity- 3 out of 5. After 3 hours, you can barely smell it. Multiple sprays throughout the day is needed. 

Sillage- 3 out of 5. Great when freshly sprayed but settles into a skin scent pretty quickly. Great to spray on clothing and hair and that will leave a scent trail for a short while. 

Observations of the 3 scents in general: 

Bang for your Buck

At less than P300, you are definitely getting more than your money’s worth with these fragrances. They smell so good and they offer you a non generic selection of scent profiles. If you don’t mind reapplying several times a day, you should get these.

Packaging- 8 out of 10. While printing the name directly on the bottle instead of having a paper sticker on is so much more beautiful and makes the bottle look like gems, the gold letters are prone to getting the rubbed off. That said, it still makes the packaging lovely and expensive looking. 

This lineup is even better than the previous scents and I feel like these three fragrances are the simplified grouping of EDTs that appeal to the unapologetically mature and strong, sweet and sexy, and pure simple freshness vibe. With a price tag that can’t be beat, you can definitely get them all.

Thanks for dropping by and may the glam be with you always! :)


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