My New Colourpop Ultramatte and Ultrametallic Mini Review/Swatches in Creeper, Rooch, Zebra, Maneater, Chi, Clueless, and Cheap Thrills

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 Hello, gorgeous people! I waited until I got seven new shades to blog about my current favorite lippy brand so that I have enough swatches and to try them out before I gave you a mini review. If you're thinking of buying any of these shades, I hope this post will help you. For the Colourpop Ultramatte, the newest additions to my growing collection are Creeper, Rooch, Chi, Clueless, and Cheap Thrills and for the Ultrametallics are Zebra and Man Eater.

 Creeper is a true red that gives you that classic red lip look that goes well with perfectly lined but minimally done eyes. This is a wonderful red matte to use in the famous Parisian look that suits just about everybody. Rooch and Chi are actually part of Kae Pop Karreuche x Colourpop Collection, a collaboration with Karreuche Tran that reflects her everyday glam style. The three lippies in this line are namely Kae (which I've featured on my last Colourpop blog), Rooch, and Chi. They are all matte and are on the brown/ warm side. Rooch is the darkest of the bunch. An almost brown with a hint of red lipstick. It is definitely a bold color and may seem too unnerving to wear for those who prefer safe colors but I personally think it's a beautiful color. For those going for a strong, or even goth look, this is a wonderful dark red. Tip: When you feel intimidated by a lip color, wear it around the house until you get used to it. I find that a big part of how the product looks on you is how confident you feel about wearing it. Play around with it. It's makeup. Have fun! Challenge yourself every now and then to move out of your comfort zone. Rooch is a vampy red that may look too dark to pull off but once you figure out  how to wear these bold lips, it's a game changer. I like softly smoking my eyes and contouring with this lippy. Chi is currently my favorite nude. It looks lovely when used with a dramatic cut crease or earthy smokey eyes. Clueless is a soft innocent pink and will work well with both light and dramatic eye makeup. This is a great everyday pink. It's a versatile nude pink that you can wear with any look. Cheap Thrills reminds me of Colourpop Stingraye and Lumiere 2. It's the tiniest bit more purple than both colors. It works best with plum or pink themed makeup and is subtle enough to be used during the day. But hey, if you love lippies as much as I do, there are no day or night lippies. There are only lippies you choose to rock for that very moment.

 In general, Ultramattes can be very drying. You will definitely need to prep your lips before using them and moisturize  after. I just love the sexy true matte effect these lippies give and the fact that they are practically unscented is a plus. They last through the day and are budge proof except when you've eaten something greasy.  :)

The Ultramettalics are such great additions to the Colourpop family. I own other brands that are metallics but these lippies are SERIOUSLY metallic and opaque. Zebra is a darker brown and bronze than Man Eater which is more peach and gold. They are easy to apply and look gorgeous with either the matte or the dewy highlighted look. The one thing I don't like about these metallics is the scent and taste. I find that even with different brands, it usually has that faint chemical smell similar to lacquer and ever so slightly bitter. I also have this experience with LaSplash in Ghoulish. It basically smells like paint. I get this even with my Estee Lauder Tiger Eye, even with the added fragrance. It's not a deal breaker. If you want opaque metallic lips these are nice. You should probably hold off on the kisses, though, when you 're wearing them. They aren't as budge proof, but they are also not as drying as the Ultramatte line.

 One improvement that could be made with these lippies is to keep the Colourpop labels from fading. I'm currently using only mattes and metallics so it's fairly easy to tell them apart. I imagine it would be a bit harder when you add satins in the mix. You would need to look at the bottom sticker to be able to tell. Hopefully they're still there. I'd advise you to reinforce the sticker with tape once they start to peel off. Again, not a deal breaker but rather, a pet peeve for OC me. I love labels and I like being to tell apart products from each other. Hopefully, they do manage to take care of this disappearing label problem in the future.

 So there you have it, my Colourpop lippy additions. If you're looking for these shades and planning a purchase, I hope this post was helpful. Thank you for taking the time to visit my page and I hope you have a nice day! May the glam be with you! :)

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