September Haul Volume 1: Colourpop Ultramatte More Better, Highball, Succulent, Instigator, and Lippie Primer

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  Hey, Beautiful! I have five new Colourpop Lippie Products for this post. I also have more makeup product reviews coming up and I hope you tune in for the other September additions I've added to my stash.

  I've been waiting for these shades for so long and Ms. Crystal Fernandez was kind enough to accommodate my requests. Her shop, mommyfindsdavao, is a personal fave of mine and I have been getting most of my hauls from her physical shop in Abreeza Cube, Davao. They ship goodies outside of Davao too, in case you want to place an order for your next haul. 

  So here's what I have for you today :)

   The four new shades I got were More Better, Highball, Instigator, and Succulent. I also got the Lippie Primer, which I admit to being initially skeptical of. I thought it was just another lip balm but after using it, I found that it actually improved the lipstick application and helped keep the colors more vibrant than the ordinary lip balms I used.

  More Better is a sexy, deep wine colored red. It goes on beautifully and of all the Ultramattes I own, this was the easiest one to put on. It's a matte but doesn't feel as drying as the others I've tried. Highball is a bright and fun magenta that pretty much falls under the typical Colourpop consistency. It glides on with relative ease, dries quickly and the finish is a true matte. Succulent is a striking red lippy that has coral undertones. It is the first lippie I've tried from Colourpop that was a bit difficult to work with. The shade is beautiful but the formula was so dry, patchy, and streaky on my lips. It took me five tries to get it right. It frustrated me a little but I just had to try it out for this post. However, that being said, I am still going to try and make it work for future motds. Even if it means mixing it with other shades to make it more wearable. Instigator is a lovely matte peach that's charming and neutral. The soft shade gives off a romantic and sweet vibe that is subtle and flattering for most skin tones.

     One thing to remember when purchasing Ultramattes is that you may not always get the same experience with each lippie so don't lose your head thinking you got duped into buying fake product. Formulas for batches and shades vary and change, and some even react differently to a person's body chemistry.  At least that's what I've read about it so far. If you browse about it online, a lot of users have reported inconsistencies in the formula for certain shades. I've personally had similar experience even with premium brands so I don't really think of this as a deal breaker. I've been trying to get MAC's Candy Yum Yum to work for me but I've only been able to wear it when I mix it with other lippies. It looks streaky on me despite it's beautiful color. It looks great on my cousin, though. For me, these little bumps are just part of the makeup experience and with Colourpop's affordable price, it's not going to stop me from collecting the brand's many interesting shades. 

  I'm going to keep this review short and sweet. I hope you found this post helpful for your next Colourpop purchase. Please remember that this post is based on my personal experience with these shades and that I believe it is entirely possible for you to have a different experience from what I've posted. That's totally cool and wonderful. Keep on being the fabulous diva that you are and may the glam always be with you! :)

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