New Life, New Hair

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  There's something special about hair... Our relationship with it is so complex that it often reflects much of how we feel or what situation we find ourselves in. Happy or sad... Heartbroken or in love. Some may wear it a certain way according to profession or convenience while some use it for self-expression. For me, going red was simply a chance to say yes to a different me.

  Some members of the Davao Bloggers Society volunteered as models for Hairs and Nails' collection for the MBEX. I was one of the participants and was assigned to Ms. Gheena Tolentino. Initially, I wanted to have the usual style with subtle changes to color but halfway through, I just thought to myself that this is a chance to say yes to something new and, in a way, celebrate joining DBS. Last year, I decided to reinvent myself by coloring my hair for the first time, now, I just want to have fun.

  I was hesitant but Ms. Gheena was very forthcoming and nice about the experience. She would tell us about what she had in mind but would not be forceful about things we were not open to. She wanted to do a full fringe in red for me. No, not the usual auburn shade--- vibrant red. I still can't believe I agreed, but I'm glad I did.

  No turning back--- Ms. Gheena worked her red magic into my hair and left it on for 35 minutes. as soon as I saw the crimson emulsion, I knew this was going to be a totally new look from the usual ones I went for.

 Excited, but a little anxious about the result of  our color choice...

  Different was what I wanted and different was what I got. In pictures, my hair looks like a solid burgundy but in person, you can see the vibrant red coursing as highlights through my wine colored mane. Up close, they look red hot and unique. My daughter is totally crazy about my new look. She even asked if she could have the same hairdo as her mommy.

  We modeled our new looks at Abreeza's atrium. It was my first time to ever be part of a big production like MBEX. I never thought I'd ever be involved in this fabulous event and now that I've been given the chance to join, I realized that the glitz and glam we see, as mere spectators, involves a lot of hard work from so many people. Logistics, artists, stylists, organizers, and yes, even the models all contribute to the success of these events. 

   Above is a close up of my motd and Ms. Gheena's fringed and vibrant red creation. We modeled our new look as Ms. Gheena talked about the collection. Later with Sir Buddy, they explained why Olaplex is such a godsend to stylists as it protects the client's hair from damage. Using Olaplex enables them to push the hair further to better engage the stylist's creativity as well as deliver great results to the client.

  Our goodies from Ms. Gheena at the event's conclusion included Elgon's Primaria Haircare Bath of Life, Nourishing Silk Mask, and the Remineralizing Water. This was such a sweet surprise! 

 We all had fun and learned a lot from the event and our stylists. It gave us a chance to step out of our comfort zones and embrace change.

  Thank you, DBS, Hairs and Nails, Sir Buddy Congson, Ms. Gheena, and Kuya Belnor for the beautiful experience. Here's to new hair, new life! Thank you, Elgon Philippines, Beauty Lane Philippines, Olaplex Philippines, and Hairs and Nails!

  Thanks for visiting my blog and may the glam be with us always! :)

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  1. Super pretty! This is a legit hair makeover. I like it :) Congrats Pau!

  2. Woohoo! Super happy to share the Hairs and Nails magic with you. ❤️

  3. Thanks for hooking me up with them, ri! :)

  4. I like your new hair color! And the fringe looks so good on you! Bagay na bagay. Neri Naig look alike. Ganda!

    Always, Arianne

    1. Thank you so much, Arianne! I would never have picked it for myself. I'm glad I let Ms. Gheena do her thing instead of going with the conventional colors I'm used to. Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog :)

  5. I like your new hair color! And the fringe looks so good on you! Bagay na bagay. Neri Naig look alike. Ganda!

    Always, Arianne