Binge Watching with the Fam :)

by - 3:52 AM

  Hubby and I love watching tv shows so much and iflix is the perfect app for our movie/tv date nights--- especially because it's always raining so we often have to stay home instead of going out.

  One of the first flicks we re-watched was Kill Bill. We enjoyed the experience so much that we decided to try out some of the tv shows they have. We are currently hooked on Mr. Robot so we're probably going to stock up on some snacks and we're expecting to lose a lot of sleep binge watching while snuggling.

  There's even something for my little girl. She'll get a turn once we finish our current obsession but for now, Mr. Robot needs our full attention, haha! :)

  If you're a PLDT subscriber, ask about iflix. You won't regret it! It's fast, legal, and super convenient. There's just so many movies and tv shows waiting for you to rewatch or discover. Frustration-free access to movies and tv shows that's super affordable for any couch potato. :)

  Download the app now and break out the popcorn. Time for some serious movie marathon fun! May the glam be with you!  :)

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