My Laniege BB Cushion Experience

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  Hello, gorgeous! I've been hearing wonderful things about the Laneige BB Cushion and I just had to try it for myself. I've tried BB creams but have never given cushions a whirl. I spent so many hours looking at reviews and Laneige always came out on top.

  The seller I got it from describes it as a premier cushion that is long lasting and has oil control properties. It also has spf 50 which is ideal for protection against sun damage. The foundations I own, except for the bb creams, do not have sunscreen. I was looking for something that could be used for outdoor excursions.

Unboxing the Laneige BB Cushion

No primer, no setting powder, and no setting spray

With primer, setting powder, and setting spray

  I've been using this cushion for my natural and light MOTDs and it took some time to adjust to the coverage beacuse I'm used to full coverage. This dilemma is easily remedied by using a little concealer after applying the product. 

1. Feels lightweight on the skin
2. Works well with cheek tints
3. It includes a free BB Cushion refill
4. The packaging is beautiful and compact
5. It has SPF 50
6. Longwearing--- lasts you the entire day without having to reapply
7. Luminous skin effect 

1. Pricey
2. Hard to find
3. Has gray cast
4. Light to medium coverage only
5. Limited shades--- the darkest shade is still a little light on my NC40 skin

  All in all I believe that it is a great purchase for those looking for a lighter base for their motds. I personally use it when I don't want to put on a full face. I find the fact that it has a free refill to be a big plus because even if it is more expensive than other cushions out there, you already have a backup waiting for you when you run out. 

  I would not recommend it for those looking for matte and full coverage. I would also refrain from using flash photography with this product. For those with darker skin tones, I think you would have to do your research if you can work with their shades because it comes off pretty light.

  I hope you found this review helpful. Thanks for visiting and may the glam be with you! :)

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