A Magical Soiree Called The Fairest Night of All :)

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 My family and I attended our first ever DBS Christmas Party, aptly named The Fairest Night of All for this year's Disney theme.

  I eventually decided to go as the Evil Queen from the animated movie Snow White and dressed my little one up as Snow White while my husband went as Darth Vader.

  We've never had the pleasure of going to a themed soiree in full costume before so this was a very exciting night for us.

  The moment I found out about the theme, I started preparing all our costumes and studied what I could to achieve the positively wicked look I had in mind. I scoured tutorials for Evil Queen inspired looks and finally decided to incorporate many of the elements I liked in one.

  My makeup transformation started at three pm which went on until 5 pm. I was excited about exploring this kind of makeup artistry and I jumped at the chance to try it for an event that called for something totally different from my usual motd styles.

 I will be writing about this makeup transformation in detail for my next blog post. If you're interested to know how I achieved this look and the specific items I used, keep your eyes peeled for my Evil Queen transformation.

  Being a new member, I did not expect to win anything but I am definitely overjoyed that I got nominated and won this Favorite Beauty Blog Award. As a beauty enthusiast, I can't say thank you enough to the people who contributed to my dream of being a better beauty blogger and becoming a legit makeup artist. This is more than a token... It's an affirmation of what I love doing. Thank you so much, DBS. I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am to be part of this family.

  I am simply over the moon to have been voted best dressed by my DBS family. I was having a lot of fun and this Christmas party really gave me a chance to explore a more challenging style of makeup artistry. My three hour makeup transformation along with my month long costume research and preparation feel so worth it as friends from our blogging community gave me this honor. Thanks, everybody!

  This night was full of surprises and while we expected it to be fun, we never expected it to rock our world. Everybody present clearly wanted to be there and the officers really did a great job with the production. The delicious treats, the loot bags, and prizes from our sponsors were all delightful. I believe I just had one of the most spectacular nights of my life. It was indeed the fairest night of all. Thanks, Davao Bloggers Society for welcoming my family into your community. Special thanks to the officers, mentors, and volunteers. DBS, would not be the nurturing environment it is now without your tireless efforts.

  Thank you for giving my family an amazing night to remember! May the glam be with you always! :)

  Photo credits to Jim Carlo, Olivia Carmell Cena- Limos, Jowe Posadas, and my hubby for these pics above.

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