My Evil Queen Makeup Transformation

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  Hi, beautiful! As promised, I am posting about my evil queen makeup transformation. I will try my best to explain how I achieved this look for the Fairest Night of All DBS Christmas Party. The entire look took me more than 2 hours to complete so I hope I am able to remember all the steps as well as clearly share how I came up with this totally wicked MOTD.

  I prepped my skin with my preferred toner then primed my skin using Nivea Post Shave Balm.
For the makeup application, the steps below created the look I was going for.

Step 1: Hide the brows
  I used an Elmer's Glue tube to flatten and smooth down brow hairs on to my skin. I then waited until it dried to add some settting powder. I repeated this process about three times until the brow strands no longer stood out and I finally had a smooth working surface. I used my Naturactor Coverface  to completely hide the brows.

Step 2: Brow Up
  I drew on on thin, symmetrical, and arched brows using Etude House Drawing Brow for outlining my brows then filled them in with the darkest shade in my morphe brow 8 palette. I also added some black eyeshadow to fill in my brows.

Step 3: Get artsy with your lids
  I did a cut crease using the Nyx gel eyeliner in brown to trace a false outline on each of my lid fold. I drew above my actual crease and carefully blended it using a crease brush. I used my Naturactor Coverface concealer on my lid to bring out the colors of the eyeshadows. I then used a medium purple shadow to cover the lids, topped the middle with a similar color with some subtle shimmer. I then added black shadow at the outer corners, carefully blending the color into my cut crease. Using the Maybelline gel liner in black, I drew on exaggerated wings to line my eyes and then drew extra flicks of lashes to create the illusion of ultra lush lashes.

Step 4: Face work
  After putting on my lightest shade of full coverage foundation (Milani conceal Perfect in Vanilla), I used the LA Girl Pro Conceal in Red, Green, and Yellow to correct imperfections and skin discolorations and then used the Pro Conceal in Toast to contour. I used Maybelline Age Rewind Neutralizer to brighten the area under my eyes. Doing this will immediately make the eyes stand out and compliment the contour work. I baked my t-zone and jawline for 15 minutes using the RCMA translucent powder. After brushing off all the excess powder, I used the Kat Von D Shade and Light powder to further emphasize my contour then used Colourpop in Clutch for my blush. I highlighted the highest point of my cheeks, inner corner of my eyes, tip of my nose, and the top of my cupid's bow with Anastasia Beverly Hills Glowkit Sweets in Sassy Grape. I finished the look with a swipe of Estee Lauder's Sumptious Lash Mascara and the most dramatic lashes I could find. After a few spritz of Loreal Infallible Makeup Extending Spray, I was finally ready.

My daughter and I dressed up as the Evil Queen and Snow White

I still can't believe that I got voted as Best Dressed by my DBS Fam

DIY projects for my costume include the crown, hood, brooch, cape, and belt. I had my dress custom made from my favorite dress shop. The guy who did the actual sewing was so excited for me because it was his first time to make this kind of dress.

    I had so much fun creating this look and the experience was so wonderful and surreal. Again, I would like to thank everybody who voted for me and to acknowledge the efforts of the other members who really went all out for their costumes. Thank you to the officers and the rest of my DBS Fam. You guys gave me a night to cherish forever.

  Thanks, everybody! May the Glam be with all of us always! :) 

 * Special thanks to Ms. Jowe Posadas, Jim Carlo, and Hubby for my pictures above

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