Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette Review

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  Hello, Glamazons! I've finally gotten around to writing about one of my fave palettes--- The Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance. It took a while for me to make my mind up about getting it but after doing some research and seeing a lot of positive reviews, I finally decided to add this baby to my growing collection.

  I'm a big fan of red themed palettes and I was definitely excited to create romantic looks with the ABH Modern Renaissance. The vampy red eye makeup look has always been a fave of mine.

  The packaging is unremarkable but I like that it's light, sleek and it comes with a mirror. I'm not really a fan of the suede finish for the cover. I find that materials like this accumulate dirt and the cosmetic gunk can be hard to remove from it.

 It comes with a dual ended brush. Some like it, some don't. I like the brush but I don't like using it on this palette. I find the bristles aren't as soft as I want them to be and the shadows in this particular palette need a a gentler approach.

  I actually tried using the brush and it disturbed the product too much. It would loosen too much of the powder and it made such a mess. I started using my Sigma brushes and my Fanny Serrano blending brush with it and using a light hand  when dipping into the product and this has reduced product kick up for me significantly.

  Moving on to the eyeshadows themselves, the colors on this palette are so pigmented, buttery, and rich. None of the shadows are patchy and they are easy to blend. The colors are true to pan and become even more vibrant when applied over a primer or some blended out concealer. 

  Word of caution, though, they seem to be the most fragile set of shadows I own. You can't press on them too hard because they will disintegrate if you aren't careful. You can't swirl on the pans too much because it kicks up too much of the product. I find that a light hand works best with these shadows. They are so pigmented that you don't actually have to exert as much effort in transferring the product onto your lids because a little goes a long way. Besides, if you want to intensify the look, you can always pack on more in between blending.

 The palette up close


 The powders are smooth and they all work together beautifully. The palette has a good mix of mattes and shimmers to create a variety of looks. For the mattes there's Golden Ochre, Buon Fresco, Love Letter, Cyprus Umber, Raw Sienna, Burnt Orange, Red Ochre, Warm Taupe, and Realgar. For the shimmer--- Tempera, Vermeer, Antique Bronze, Primavera, and Venetian Red. Golden Ochre has minute glitter in it but it is subtle enough to appear matte or satin. It is even matte enough to be used as a transition shade but I certainly need a lighter base for it to be visible on my skin.

  All of the shadows go on smoothly without any patchy or chalky feel. It is really one of the best palettes I own and it's so easy to pick out colors to work with because the shades all complement each other.

  Below are some of my favorite ABH Modern Renaissance looks I've created using this palette. The shadows maintain their vibrant colors throughout the day and when your lids are primed, they look even more beautiful. 

Makeup Looks Using the ABH Modern Renaissance

  You can go from sweet to sultry, depending on what look you fancy for the day. It goes with your plum, red, coral, and even nude motd because it has both the cool pinks and the warm shades of rust that you can use according to what mood you're in.

  The Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance is a top shelf favorite I would recommend for glamazons like me looking for that perfect Red palette with great color payoff. It retails for about $42.00 or around 2,000.00 Php more less here in the Philippines. I love this palette and so far the only cons I can think of is the suede packaging and how fragile the powders are. Product kick up and fallouts are also going to be issues to consider. Other than that, this palette is definitely one of the best ones in my collection.

  I ordered my ABH Modern Renaissance from Ms. Angeline Buna on Facebook. You can browse through her selections and get your junkie fix for the hottest makeup items today. 

  I hope you found this review helpful. Thank you so much for visiting and may the glam be with you! :)

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