EB Advance LTD Liquid Lipsticks: Review and Swatches of All Twelve Shades

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  Hi, Glamazons! I believe I have enough lipstick reviews to clue you in on just how much I love 'em. This particular beauty item in my arsenal is the one I am most adventurous with and is, in fact, the item that I buy most frequently. I have over 50 in my personal collection and have reviewed some of them to help gals pick out the lipstick they are looking for.

  Right off the bat, I noticed an interest in the lower priced lipstick reviews I've written and often get asked about even more affordable alternatives to them.  So here I am, for the love of research and makeup reviews, giving you a budget friendly option to consider.

 I would like to present the Ever Bilena Advance LTD Liquid Lipstick.

 The packaging is sturdy and gives you the illusion of a traditional lipstick, right down to the sloped tip. The see-through acrylic lets you know what shade you're looking at and the cap more or less matches the shade inside, which I appreciate. Any product that takes away the guesswork or the trouble of having to look for the shade's name each time you're doing your makeup is a welcome change from the usual lipstick packaging. Once opened, you can see that it has a doe foot applicator that helps you apply the product with precision. It produces even better results when you use a lipliner as a guide before using the lipstick.

 I initially bought only one shade to try out and to see if it met my expectations. I got one in Private Beach and I just have to say--- it was life changing. It glides on so smoothly on the lips and feels so creamy. It takes a while to set but when it does, it gives you a lovely matte finish that won't budge throughout the day. I don't blot the product with a tissue but I've seen beauty gurus do so. So far, I like letting it set after I apply it on my lips. I suppose it depends on what your personal preference is.

  Some of the things I want from a matte liquid lipstick is for it to be long-wearing, opaque, and to have minimal product transfer. The LTD line has met these qualities with the added benefit of the product being less drying on your puckers.

 It does not set as quickly as the other leading brands but I find that the creamy texture upon application gives me an ample amount of time to evenly coat my lips without the product becoming patchy or streaky. Once it sets, you're good to go. Another thing I love about them? You usually don't need to reapply for the day and if you do, it's usually just the inner part that needs any touch up. Want more good news? You can reapply over the set product on your lip. This was impossible for me with the other brands I've tried. It doesn't drag and cause clumps on the product already present on your lips. I love how seamlessly blendable the formula is.

  Now I just had to find out if all the other shades they had performed the same way and I also wanted to show you swatches of their 12 available colors to help you choose the shade for you from their LTD line.

  I decided to wear each of the shades for my daily motds. I had to stick to one shade for an entire day to check out how the each lippie behaved and to see if there were any notable difference between each color experience. 

  Below are motds featuring the Ever Bilena LTD Lipsticks.

  After testing out these babies I immediately came up with my top five favorites. The shades that have won my heart are: Cashmere Blush (a sweet pale rose), Private Beach (a glamorous pale nude), Chocolate Truffle (a true brown shade), Fire Opal (a true red with blue undertone), and Moody Merlot (a dark burgundy). These are shades I would definitely repurchase and recommend to friends.

  The formula is indeed not as drying as your usual run of the mill matte lipstick. The only shade I found a little challenging to apply was Hotel Heiress. You need to prime your lips to make sure this cute watermelon shade goes on evenly. 

   All in all, the Ever Bilena LTD Liquid Lipstick line is a great budget friendly alternative for those of you looking for that all day matte lipstick experience that needs minimal touch ups and has a gorgeous selection of colors that is sure to please any glamazon obsessed with lippies.

  I hope you liked this review because I sure enjoyed researching and writing about it. Thank you for taking the time to read this product review and may the glam be with you always! :)

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