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Hi, Glamazons! I finally got my hands on the 3 highlighters from Vice Cosmetics. I've been curious about them but they're always sold out online and in my area. I was just about ready to lose hope of getting them when I managed to snag them while I was in SM Lanang a few weeks ago.

The Vice Cosmetics highlighters come in 3 shades: Shining, Shimmering, and Splendid.

Vice Cosmetics Highlighters come in  small plastic compacts in a fuchsia metallic finish that are sturdy and beautiful 

These highlighters come in fun, cute, and edgy packaging with Vice Ganda's star tattoo trademark embossed on the surface of the product. They are fine-milled and quite blendable when swatched.

These highlighters can be a little powdery right off the palette but when blended well, they give a nice and dewy sheen on the skin.

Vice Cosmetics Highlighters when swatched

For your reference, I've decided to rummage through my highlighter collection and find similar products you might be familiar with so you can get a better idea of how they actually look.

Shining- Champagne gold highlighter that gives the wearer a warm-toned glow. I would use this for the bronze goddess look or with motds that use a warm palette of colors. It looks similar to Maybelline's Master Chrome in Molten Gold but slightly more peachy and warmer in tone.

Vice Cosmetics Shining swatched beside Maybelline Master Chrome in Molten Gold

Shimmering- A frosted Pink glow that looks stunning on top of blush. It's a flattering rose gold that I think works well with both simple everyday makeup and cool-toned totally snatched motds. This shade is similar to Maybelline's Master Chrome Molten Rose Gold shade. They both have that lovely pomelo undertone.

Vice Cosmetics Shimmering swatched beside Maybelline Master Chrome in Molten Rose Gold

Splendid- I would describe this as an Icy silver shade that works well with cool toned motds. It reminds me of Becca's Moonstone. It has very little difference in tone when swatched side by side. This shade is my fave for my noseline, inner corners of the eyes and on top of my cupid's bow.

Vice Cosmetics Splendid swatched beside Becca Moonstone

All three highlighters are fine-milled and give you that blinding, dewy- almost wet look when blended into the skin.

Shining when worn

 Shimmering when worn

Splendid when worn

They don't have chunky glitters. They are easy to blend and quite buildable. These highlighters are so wearable and work great for both everyday motds and glam looks for any skin tone. Although I imagine it would depend on the look  you are going for and your personal preferences.

The price point is amazing. At 149 pesos per compact, these babies are a steal!

The only negative I can say is the fact that they are usually sold out but that's not really a bad thing. It only means they're THAT good! These are so far the best highlighters I've tried at this price.

I would recommend this to glamazons who can't live without the blinding or lit from within element in their motds but would prefer something affordable. Quality-wise, these highlighters are the bomb!

Thanks for stopping by and may the glam be with you always! 😍😍😍

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