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 Hi, Glamazons! It's been a while since I last wrote a beauty review but here are some beauty items I've been trying out from Dazzle Me. They sent me some of their items and because I loved all of the products I tried, I went and got some more from the store.

Dare to Dazzle with these products

So what do we know about Dazzle Me? It's a brand under Hebe, an International Beauty Group and it was launched specifically for the Southeast Asian market. They have what is described as the trendiest and boldest beauty products in the market and they are high end quality products. This being said, they have made Dazzle Me an affordable choice for students, teens, and women just starting to explore the world of all things glam. 

What I liked about this brand is how inclusive, beginner-friendly it is. You can see different representations of beauty in their choice for models and while for some it may not be important, I really like seeing this in promotions. I can see the sincerity in their aim to instill confidence in women and feel powerful in their uniqueness. Playing with looks and finding one that compliments your natural beauty is an investment but this brand is making great makeup accessible to everyone. It's no surprise that it's trending on tiktok now because their products are not only of excellent quality but fits everybody's budget too.

Dazzle Me PR Kit I received

They sent over their Misty Matte Lip Cream, Glossip Girl Lip Cream,Juicy Punch Lip Tint, Heart-Melt Creamy Liquid Blush, 24/7 Wonderfullip Serum, and Attack on Sun Sunblock. Here is a link to Tiktok for the products I got from Dazzle Me.

Dazzle Me 24/7 Wonderfullip Serum

This is undoubtedly my favorite product from Dazzle Me. It's something I was so impressed by that I went to buy it 2 more times since I tried it because I would finish the whole thing to the last drop! So what is this product? It is described as a milti-purpose lip topper and treatment. 

I love using it as a lip primer and a lip topper because it is so nourishing and hydrating on the lips, does not feel sticky at all, minimized my lip lines resulting in just juicy looking plump lips. I would often just have this in my bag for my lips because I love the subtle pink hue it has that doesn't dry or settle into the inner part of my lips. Sometimes I like to use it on my lids and cheeks as well. This product looks amazing for creating the "clean girl" look where the whole point is too look moisturized and hydrated like a glazed donut. This product is a must have for that look. If you could only get one thing today from Dazzle Me, this would be the product. I actually made a tiktok just for this product. Aside from all these pros, I like the applicator because it actually puts all the product on the lips instead of absorbing it like typical doe foot applicators do. 

My favorite product from Dazzle Me- 24/7 Wonderfullip Serum

Dazzle Me Misty Matte Lip Cream

This line of matte cream lipsticks are actually a fave for me. I own a lot of matte lipsticks and this behaves so much differently than the others. It's super pigmented, sets into a velvety soft matte but it doesn't emphasize my lip lines. My experience with matte creams has always dried out my lips that by the end of the day, they just feel so parched. Not with these lip creams. I highly recommend these lippies for those that love matte lipsticks. Longwearing and beautiful with a soft-blur effect. You're lips look matte but soft and delicate. You can also change up the look by topping it with the 24/7 Wonderfullip Serum too for a glossy and plump finish. 

Dazzle Me Misty Matte Lip Creams

It has 6 colors to choose from: Misty, Encounter, Heartbeat, Poppy, Rose Manor, and Desert Sunset. I was sent Encounter, Heartbeat, and Desert Sunset. I tried them out and liked them so much that I had to to complete the set and got Misty, Poppy, and Rose Manor as well. I'm planning to do a feature on the Misty Matte and Glossip Girl swatch and review soon for all my girlies. 

Dazzle Me Glossip Girl Lip Cream

Much like the Misty Matte Lip Cream, this product is a totally new lippy experience for me. It has a gloss-to-stain formula that is pretty much like a glossy lipstick or what you would get if you topped a lipstick or lip tint with gloss but it leaves a nice stain on the lips that is faint and even without drying your lips. In fact, it feels hydrating on the lips! This looks great for the clean girl look also and it doesn't feel sticky like most lip glosses do.

Dazzle Me Glossip Girl Lip Cream

These Lip Creams come in 6 colors: Nudeze, Preppy Peach, Pink Punk, Brick Baddie, Redropolitab, and Brown 90's. They gave me Preppy peach, Redropolitan, and Brown 90's but I loved this formula so much that I decided to complete this set as well myself.

Dazzle Me Juicy Punch Lip Tint

They sent me 2 shades for this product, Watermelove and Plumsy. Watermelove is a fresh bright red orange shade while plumsy is a flattering burgundy. It is lightweight and somewhat cooling on the lips. It doesn't feel drying as typical tints do. I like Plumsy for myself but I'm honestly not a big lip tint girl because I don't really like staining the inner part of my lips and settling on dry parts of the lips. It isn't a problem if you reapply but I like not having to maintain the look with my busy schedule. but then maybe I just don't know how to use them. For glamazons that love lip tints, this is certainly a good product.

Dazzle Me Juicy Punch and Heart-Melt Creamy Liquid Blush

Dazzle Me Heart-Melt Creamy Liquid Blush

These are really nice if you want a natural flush on the cheeks. So blendable and lasts all day. I personally love using just this with my sunscreen and it looks fantastic. I even like using it on the bridge of the nose to give me that fresh look. 

This product comes in 3 beautiful shades: Sweet Pink, Cheeky Orange, and Flirty Peach. I like all three shades. I use Sweet Pink for cool toned looks, Cheeky Orang for Warm, and Flirty Peach when I want a neutral look.

Dazzle Me Attack on Sun Sunblock

I love how lightweight this sunscreen feels on my skin. It gives me sun protection but doesn't have any whitecast. I wear sunscreen everyday so it's important that my sunscreen doesn't mess up my motd and works well with my base. It's nonsticky and doesn't cause my skin to break out so I love these qualities in a sunscreen.

Dazzle Me Attack on Sun

I loved their products so much I actually got more of their products to try. I also got Dazzle Me Skin Stay Hydrated, Dazzle Me Get A Grip, Dazzle Me Our Secret Cover Concealer, Dazzle Me Day By Day Foundation, Dazzle Me Brow Likey Eyebrow Pencil, Dazzle Me Hold On Waterproof Eyeliner, Dazzle Me Holy Moly Mascara, Dazzle Me Galaxy Shines Highlighter, and Dazzle Me Cutie Pie. I got all these items because I'm planning to create an motd soon using only Dazzle Me products and I hope to tell you more about the other products from them. 

Dazzle Me Get A Grip, Skin Stay, Day By Day Foundation, Brow Likey Eyebrow Pencil, Hold On Waterproof Eyeliner, Holy Moly Mascara, Galaxy Shines Highlighter, Our Secret Cover Concealer, and Cutie Pie

All in all Dazzle Me has a pretty impressive range of products that is not only trendy and edgy but affordable as well. If I probably had a con for the product it would be the labeling on the bottom for the Misty Matte and Glossip Girl lipsticks. Perhaps that can be changed into something easier to read but other than that everything is amazing. 

Thanks, for dropping by and may the glam be with you always! :)

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