Liquid Lipstick Review--- LAsplash Ghoulish, Colourpop in Limbo and Lumiere 2

by - 10:01 AM

   I've never tried liquid lispticks before and I have to say the three I recently acquired are definitely great finds. I usually go for MAC, Estèe Lauder, or Clinique but at about 10 dollars (more or less) a piece, how could I not give them a go?

   The lippies left-right are LAsplash Ghoulish, Colourpop in Lumiere 2, and Colourpop Limbo. The Lumiere 2 in the middle is a current fave, hence, the rubbed off label.

LEFT-RIGHT swatches: LAsplash Ghoulish, Colourpop Lumiere 2, and Limbo

LAsplash Ghoulish

Colourpop Lumiere 2

Colourpop Limbo

  They are pretty amazing. The colors look rich and they dry into a lovely velvety matte finish. Among the three, the LAsplash Ghoulish has the longest wear but it has an unpleasant smell and a much tackier feel to it. Sort of like glue. It's not a good idea to retouch it, but you can tap some of the product on spots where you need it when it gets patchy after a meal. It was also a little more expensive than the other two lippies. The Colourpop lipsticks feel great on the lips and retouching is not a problem because they don't clump like Ghoulish.

  All in all, I am thinking of repurchasing from Colourpop again and exploring their other colors but probably not from LAsplash liquid lipsticks because I just don't like the smell even though it is long wearing :)

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