Product Review: the Balm's In the Balm of Your Hand Palette

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  Hello, my pretties! Today I'm doing a review for one of my favorite makeup palettes-the Blam's In the Balm of Your Hand palette. As far as complete palettes go, this is a must have for traveling because you basically have everything there to come up with the perfect motd.

  The packaging is cute like most products from the Balm. Vintage, artsy, and mostly smooth paper and cardboard. Reminiscent of old cartoons/comicbooks and prints with fun names for each product. It has two flaps--- one for the shadows, blushes and highlight, and one for the lippies.

  Above are the swatches for this palette. Upper row left to right: 1. Hot Mama shadow/blush, 2. Instain long wearing staining powder blush in Argyle, 3. Cabana Boy shadow/blush, 4. Bahama Mama bronzer, 5. How 'Bout Them Apples in caramel cheek & lip cream. The lower swatches left to right: 1. Shady Lady vol.2  in insane jane, 2. Shady Lady special edition in mischievous marissa, 3. Nude 'tude in sexy, 4. Balm Jovi in lead zeppelin,
5. Mary- Lou Manizer, which is a highlighter, and 6. The Balm Girls starring: Mila Moore lipstick.

  Basically you get a bunch of stuff in one palette because you have blushes that double as eyeshadows, your basic metallic and matte shadows, a highlighter, a cheek and lip stain and a lipstick. I got mine for under fifty dollars from an online seller. It ranges from 35- 45 dollars depending on the seller. You can create so many looks with this palette. You can go for a matte, sophisticated basic look, smokey and sultry, or even light and fresh. To create the minimal makeup look, I would recommend some tinted moisturizer, the lip and cheek stain for the cheeks or the highlighter with the hot mama blush. It looks beachy beautiful and does not look overdone. Below is a look using this palette. My motd in this pic was achieved using led zeppelin, mary-lou manizer, How 'bout them apples and Hot mama. I used mac nc40 liquid foundation, naturactor coverface and ben nye banana luxury powder to set.

The Fab
1. Versatility--Has a variety of products in just one palette
2. Wearability-- all of the colors are flattering for most skin tones
3. Great packaging-- this palette is undeniably cute and easy to maintain. You simply wipe off dust and make up and it comes off easily. It is also lightweight and sturdy
4. Gives you a sample of favorites from the Balm you might be curious about

The Sad
1. It isn't always available some may need to get it online
2. A little more pricier than some readily available drugstore brands, although this isn't really an issue if you're a fan of the Balm
3. Color payoff is not very strong, it is buildable though, so really not an issue
4. Mary-Lou Manizer looks streaky ir splotchy when not blended well, so blend it well.

  All in all, I certainly recommend this palette. It certainly comes in handy if you're traveling and need to save space. I find that there's enough variety of colors to come up with so many looks for a trip. Pack your brow kit, foundation and mascara with it and you're good to go.

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