Product Review and Swatches for Colourpop Ultramatte Additions---- Knotty, Beeper, Tulle, and Avenue

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  Hello, Glamazons! Sorry, it took so long for me to post about these beauties. I've been so busy with my mommy duties as well as some urgent matters that needed my attention. I'm so excited to share my mini review about these beautiful lippies because I've been testing them out for you for quite some time now. 

(L-R: Colourpop Ultramatte lippies in Knotty, Beeper, Tulle, and Avenue)

  I got Knotty as a Christmas present from my aunt and have been using it alot since December. It is a pale, and nude lippy with a faint apricot undertone. In the bunch, it has the driest formula and can be a little tricky to apply. It has the tendency to make medium toned girls appear "lipless" because it looks pale on dark skin, dark on light skin but blends with skin tones in between. This is easily solved by lining your lips with an apricot or brown lipliner to emphasize your lip shape. It also looks lovely and fresh when topped with peach or clear gloss. Make sure to prep your lips with some lip balm or primer because it is the most drying of the 4. It can also look a little streaky when not evenly applied.

  I purchased Beeper, Tulle, and Avenue during the recent fair in Davao Convention Center because I got them at such good prices from the beautiful Arianne Buenviaje of Picked, and from Make-up Bar PH.

  Beeper is a Glam Squad fave for us. Almost all of us with varying skin tones love it. It is an amazingly flattering shade that isn't too drying and looks great for any motd, be it casual or glam. I would recommend this shade to anyone interested in trying out Colourpop. It's a mauvy brown that does not need any liner and looks wonderful on anybody. It has the typical ultramatte formula that is drying but is easy to apply, goes on smooth and even without any hitch.

  Tulle, is a nude lippy with a rust-red undertone. It may look a bit like beeper but that hint or orangey-red sets it apart from the other lippies. It looks great for casual looks and has the same drying ultramate formula as Beeper. It would be a great choice for people who like their brown nude lippy to have this particular undertone. In the future, I will try using it in motds with stronger eye looks and even more defined contouring. 

 Now, Tulle didn't wow me the way Beeper did and If I had to choose between the two, it would be Beeper because of how beautiful it looks on any skin tone. While I may not subscribe to the idea that skin tone dictates what color you should wear, I find Beeper to be universally flattering. It's a lovely shade of taupe that just goes with any look. If you can get both, get them both. I'm just saying if I had to choose only one, you know which one I like better.

 The last shade is Avenue, and it is a vampy dark red that reminds me of Mac Diva. This is a strong and sexy shade that demands careful application and can look streaky and uneven if you're not careful. I really recommend using a similarly colored lip liner for this as a guide for your lip shape because reds like this need precise application. It's not as drying as the other three lippies but it can get clumpy if you're not careful. Try to apply only 2 coats maximum.

  Below is how the swatches appear on my arm, followed by my motd pics using the lippies. 

   As with any Colourpop Ultramatte lippy, I really want to emphasize how important it is to prepare your lips before application. Regular lip scrubs and using primers before putting on any lipstick will make each swipe glide on more smoothly and flawlessly. When I want to remove the lippies, I personally like using makeup remover wipes or even just a wet microfiber cloth to get the product off my lips and follow up with some Lucas Papaw to moisturize. 

  I like Ultramattes because I rarely need to reapply them. I just put on my full face in the morning and I don't need to do much else for the rest of the day. The only time I ever need to reapply lipstick is when I've eaten something oily. That being said, ultramattes will emphasize cracks and bits of dry skin on you lips so make sure to take care of those puckers to get the best experience from these liquid lippies.

  I hope you found this mini review helpful. Thanks for visiting and may the glam be with you!

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