My Skin Origins Pino Tropika Product Review

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  Hi, Glamazons! I just want to share how much I love the Pino Tropika soap from My Skin Origins. I got a sample of it during the Davao Bloggers Society Christmas party so I decided to give the Pino Tropika soap a try. I've tried some of their products before so I was pretty excited to try this new beauty bar.

  I opted to use it as my body soap because I prefer to use My Skin Origins Pore No more for my face. I've always had large pores and the Pore No More came highly recommended by the other bloggers I've spoken to about skin care. I will be writing a separate review for this beauty bar so we can focus on Pino Tropika for now.

  The first thing you'll notice when you open a pack of this soap is its crisp pineapple scent. I love how fruity it smells and how it works up a nice lather as it cleanses your skin. I really like the squeaky-clean feeling it gives you after every shower without the dryness. Personally, I don't like soaps that leave a slimy or sticky film but I also don't like having the feeling of parched skin.

  There will be some micropeeling after a few uses and after some time, you will notice that the soap has gradually evened out the color of your exposed skin to that of your inner arm. I've been using it for 5 months and the line distinguishing the darker area of my arm from the lighter has faded and one of my friends even complimented me on how even and bright (but not white) my skin tone has become. I've also started noticing a natural glow in my skin. I never realized how dull it looked before I started seeing the difference. A close friend was so impressed at how Pino Tropika improved my complexion that he was so excited to try it out himself.

  Another thing I love about Pino Tropika is the fact that it doesn't cause any photo sensitivity or cause any untoward reactions to sun exposure. I've tried a product before that was initially good but caused awful discoloration whenever I had to be out in the sun. This caused me to distrust beauty bars because of my negative past experience. It thinned out my skin and caused it to dry out to the point where I just couldn't survive the day without lotion. I will never forget the dark purple discoloration I got whenever I was exposed to the sun. I went back to using the commercial, antibacterial soaps because I just couldn't take the chance of damaging my skin again. The soaps were undoubtedly harsh and drying but it got me feeling clean so I stuck with them for so long.

  I like how it has evened out my skin tone without making it patchy or whiter. My skin just looks and feels healthy with a noticeable glow. The scent is so lovely and refreshing that it actually makes me look forward to every shower session. It has a fruity but not overpowering scent that even my husband and daughter love to get a whiff of it whenever I use it.

  I'm happy to have tried this product and even happier to know that it is locally made. When I started blogging, I have always had the desire to promote stuff produced by our own entrepreneurs. For as long as it's a good product and it gives consistent results, I believe we should support it and help that business grow.

  Pino Tropika is now available at NCCC Supermarket and all Gaisano Grand malls. You can also buy it from the My Skin Origins Skincare and Facial Center in Jacinto. If you ever decide to drop by their clinic, you will also be able to buy some of their premium products exclusively distributed there. You may also visit their Facebook page My Skin Origins for inquiries.

  Thank you so much for taking the time to read about Pino Tropika by My Skin Origins. I hope you start your own My Skin journey soon. May the glam be with you! :)

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