My Browhaus Heavy-Duty Bi-liner Review

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  Hello, Glamazons! I've had the pleasure of trying out the Browhaus Bi-liners and I am thrilled to finally share my mini review about these exciting new eyeliners! Miss Monique Jamlang of Browhaus, Abreeza gave us 5 bi-liners to try along with our brow shaping and Lash in Bloom treat. I've been enjoying these gel liners since I started incorporating them in my motds.

Top to bottom: Midnight Blue, Blush, Burgundy, Noir Shimmer, and Amber

Each Brrowhaus Bi-liner comes with a dual has a retractable
 gel pencil tip on one end,and a smudger on the other protected 
by caps of different sizes. There is also a sharpener if you detach
the smudger from the pencil's body.

   We each got a box of 5 of these dual-function eyeliners that come in 5 metallic shades: 
1.Blush, a baby pink chrome
2. Burgundy- a wine brown shade that has the most subdued hint of metallic finish
3. Amber- a creamy bronze
4. Noir Shimmer- a silver black-gray finish
5. Midnight Blue- a royal blue with subtle shimmer

 Each bi-liner has a retractable gel liner tip and a rubber smudger at its the opposite end. They are pretty pigmented, long wearing, and set quickly after application. They are also touted to be waterproof and suitable for oily skin. They also double up as eyeshadows if you smudge after application.

Browhaus Bi-liners Swatches from top to bottom: 
Blush, Burgundy, Amber, Noir Shimmer, Midnight Blue

  I have oily skin/lids and I'm really particular about the eyeliners I use because if they can't deliver, I end up with smudged up racoon eyes or nasty imprints on my crease. Gel liners are tricky because they go on creamy and rarely stay put after application. I was initially apprehensive about adding these liners to my motds until I finally gave them a whirl.

  I find that these are indeed long wearing eyeliners that are perfect for creating soft smokey, or relaxed daily looks. They glide on in a soft line that is just gorgeous to  look at and the bright metallic sheen instantly brightens and opens up your eyes. They will last you the whole day and, although they are waterproof, they come off easily with any makeup remover. I also tried them when we went swimming and they didn't melt into an ugly mess as most of my eyeliners do. They stay put for as long as you don't touch them or rub your peepers. 

 The only trouble I've had with them is blending them once they've set. You have to work quickly because if you try to move the product around once it's settled on the skin, you'll end up with clumps or a patchy line. That said, they are pretty great once you get the hang of applying them. Each swipe is pretty pigmented so you only need about 2 coats of them and you're done. If you decide to go for a soft line/smudged smokey look, it will make you're eyes look bigger and this will give you a pretty sexy look.

  If you're unnerved by the fact that they are metallic, don't be. Burgundy in particular sets into a soft, matte brown and the other metallics are subtle enough to be wearable everyday.

  Below are some of the looks I've created using the Browhaus Bi-liners.


These liners work well with minimal makeup.
They define your eyes without looking overdone

Here I used Noir Shimmer on my lids and amber on my waterline

My favorite bi-liner is burgundy because it gives me this 
soft and subtle smokey look that's great for everyday glam

I also like using them with my favorite liquid eyeliners. I use the sharp lines on my lids 
and then use them on my waterline and just below the lashline. I find that this gives
 me my favorite winged look and makes my eyes look bigger.


  The Browhaus bi-liners are impressive additions to any girl's makeup collection and I would definitely recommend them to people looking for quality eyeliners in general. They are must haves for travel bugs that want a eyeliners that can also be used as eyeshadows. I would also recommend them to friends who prefer softer, and more forgiving eyeliners that are great and easy to apply on a regular basis, especially when you're in a rush or only have time for simple motds. If you're looking for creamy and pigmented eyeliners, these babies might just be what you need.

  I hope you found this review helpful. Thanks for visiting, and may the glam be with you! :) 

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  1. It is amazing!, and it's great that Browhaus Bi-liners comes with different colors. Lovely review!