Browhaus XLIB: A Glamorous Lashlicious Treat

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  Hi, Glamazons! I just had my first Browhaus experience and I'm so excited to share my first time to try their eyelash extensions. Ms. Monique invited us to try their painless brow threading as well as their lash services. We just had to decide which look suited us best. The selections were the Lash Curl Up, which curls your lashes, the Lash in Bloom (LIB), and the Express Lash in Bloom (XLIB). The most natural looking lash service is the Lash in Bloom which painstakingly adds one lash at a time to achieve a believably real lush set of lashes while the Express Lash in Bloom adds 3 strands at a time,  also known as cluster extensions, which creates a dramatic look. The XLIB, was offered to us in two styles, one was the doll style and cat eye. The first one makes you look like a doll as it opens up your eye area with a row of long clusters that are ever so slightly longer at the middle while the cat eye is basically thick but shorter from the inner corner of the lash line and fans out into longer clusters at the outer corners, giving an almost false winged eyeliner look.

  I liked their brow threading service a lot. My brows are often shaped and groomed by yours truly and the few times I've tried threading from other establishments were often quite painful. In Browhaus, they use a different kind of thread and the staff are trained quite well and I find that their technique is relatively painless compared to the services I've tried before. I don't really mind the pulling or even the somewhat stinging sensation but what I do mind when too much brow hairs are taken out. What I like most about the experience is how they left my lashes thick and just took out the small stray hairs without going all crazy with the threading.

  Getting Eyelash extensions is a new thing for me. I've always been curious about it but never really worked up the nerve to try it. I love putting on a full face and I certainly love using false eyelashes and I always wondered how extensions would look on me. I really wanted to try something that fit my makeup style so I chose the XLIB specifically to give my glam motds that extra oomph falsies give. I wanted them as thick as I could possibly get them. I chose the cat eye style because I like the sleepy/sultry look it gives as well as the fact that they look sexy and i was told that losing a few clusters wouldn't be as obvious with the other style. I felt that the XLIB suited my personality best and reflected my love for all things glam. It was also serendipitous to have the opportunity to try the XLIB for a shoot we were having the next day for our hair goals project.

 This is how the XLIB by Browhaus looked on me on the first day. I didn't have any makeup on. You can really see the big diffrence the eyelash extension procedure makes. 

 Photo by Josef Cagas
 Photo by Josef Cagas
Photo by Josef Cagas

  On the day of our shoot, I didn't have to put on too much makeup and I didn't need to put on falsies anymore. The XLIB really adds an extra pizzazz to your look. It kicks it up a notch without going overboard. I love how it made me look glamorous but not overdone.

 On regular days, I've had to tone down my usual motd. I would usually just slap on some bb cream and lipstick and I looked totally made up. Sometimes, I would even just dust on some powder and swipe on some lip tint and it would be enough. You get a glam "woke up like this" look even without any makeup on. The lashes do most of the work for you. It's like you have so many coats of your favorite mascara without the clumps.

 I personally enjoyed my first ever eyelash extension from Browhaus. It lasted almost two weeks on me but I've been told it varies for each person. The double cleansing I do before I go to sleep probably disturbed the glue attaching the strands. Given the fact that I love putting on a full face, it would be next to impossible to discontinue my usual skincare at the end of the day because this is how I prevent breakouts. I enjoy glam motds with tons of products and I've had to cut down on using makeup because one, you absolutely didn't need much to look amazing with these lashes, and two, more products mean more cleansing.

 The Browhaus XLIB, would be a terrific choice for girls who wear minimal makeup and for girls on the go. It's also great for travelling and for when you don't want to bring too many products with you on a trip. That being said, these extensions need extra care when you bathe and cleanse. You will have to avoid letting the water hit your face/lashes directly as you shower, oil based makeup removers, and touching your lash/ eye area. You also need to carefully brush the lashes with a clean spooley to remove dirt and to unclump/untangle them. I used a wet microfiber cloth to remove my eye makeup and I had to skip my mascara for the whole time I had them. You are not allowed to rub your eyes. Once they start falling out, you can have touch ups or if you want to have them taken out, Browhaus can remove them for you painlessly without plucking out your real lashes.

  To summarize, you basically don't need to put on as much product but you need to exert extra effort to maintain the lashes themselves. You can cut down on the time you spend putting together your motd but you will need to take care of the lashes to get the most out of them.

  I really enjoyed my Browhaus XLIB experience and I hope this post helped you make up your mind about getting them. Personally, I liked them, but I also missed putting on the whole shebang for my motds--- namely my mascara and falsies. The fabulous treat really made me understand why a lot of my friends love it.

 Try it for yourself at any Browhaus branch near you. I got mine from their Abreeza branch in Davao. Thank you so much to Ms. Monique Jamlang and the Browhaus staff for letting us try their wonderful services.

  Thank you so much for visiting and may the glam be with you always! :)

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