EB Advance Glow Out Highlighters

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Hi, Glamazons! I just did a mini unboxing of the EB Advance Glow Out Highlighters. I've attached the video below for you to see how it looks swatched on my arm and on my face.

The EB Glow Out Highlighter comes in 2 shades-- Candelight and Strobe. I got them both specifically for this review and for research on affordable highlighters. Most quality highlighters are just too expensive and I want to be able to recommend budget-friendly alternatives to my readers and friends. So let's get on to the review.

Both highlighters come in clear and white compacts. They let you see the products even without actually opening them which is convenient but the overall make also seems a little flimsy and might break easily. It doesn't come with a mirror but that's not really a dealbreaker for me. I just wish the containers were made with sturdier material but at 199 Pesos, I think that's an understandable compromise. I would rather sacrifice the packaging over the quality of the product.

On the Pan
Right off the bat, they both look great on the pan. Candelight reminds me of Butterscotch from Anastasia Beverly Hills Sweets Glow Kit while Strobe reminds me of Becca Champagne Pop and Essence Pure Nude.

I have to admit that when I swatched them, they felt a little grainy and powdery on my finger. I was getting ready to get chalky streaks and chunky glitter on my arm and face but I was pleasantly surprised to see that once you apply them on your skin, they actually blend well. Make sure to tap off the excess from your brush before brushing them on because you will experience kick up and fall out with them.

When you've gotten over the powdery feel and actually get around to applying them on your skin, they sort of blend out into a beautiful glow that's blinding when you pack it on but can look natural with a light hand. They don't emphasize lines or pores and make the skin look healthy and supple. Of the two, Strobe is the more subtle shade. It has a light cream-colored sheen that's reflective and makes your skin look moisturized. Candelight, on the other hand, is yellow-gold with flecks of glitter that may seem intimidating on the pan but actually blends well onto the skin. If you want the bronze goddess look, and aren't afraid of straight up gold highlighter this is the highlighter for you. Both give a "wet" or dewy appearance that looks reflective but not at all oily.

All in all, these Glow Out Highlighters are amazing additions to your makeup collection. They are the most afforfable quality highlighters you can buy for under 200 pesos. I highly recommend them to glamazons obessed with getting just the right glow at just the right price. You can buy them at any Ever Bilena kiosk at department stores in malls and at Watsons. Get glowing with these heavenly highlighters!

Thanks for dropping by and may the glam be with you always! :)

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