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Hi, Glamazons! My Skin Origins just launched their newest skincare additions on October 20, 2018. I'm so happy to be one of the first to them and to be present during their product launch. 

They released four new products and repackaged our favorite Brightening Pore Minimizer Toner for a fresh new look in a beautiful see-through bottle.

Hydrate, Breathe, Stay, and Preserve are totally new products while the Brightening Pore Minimizer Toner got a new look.

I got mine a few days before the official launch and after a week of using them, I can already see a beautiful difference.

During and after giving birth, my chloasma/melasma was so bad that I stopped taking pictures and being active on social media. I wasn't really feeling up to doing motdd  and beauty posts because I had to ride out most of my skin issues during pregnancy and I felt that there was so much work to be done with my skin after delivery. My neck, underarms  and face were having hyperpigmentation and acne scar issues that weighed heavily on my self-esteem. There were days when I even avoided looking at the mirror because there were so much of the marks and darkened areas I had to contend with. After I got the go signal for starting my skincare regimen, I went for the products that would speed up skin renewal and lighten my problem areas.  After 2 weeks, the Ultra White Set together with the Power Whitening Bar and Pore No More really improved my skin's appearance. Weeks later, the new products were launched and they were supposed to target my specific skin problems. They are indeed so much different than the products I've been using and I really love the packaging they come in.

How do I use these products? First, I use the Brightening Pore Minimizer to prep my skin after cleansing with Pore No More. Then I gently tap Stay (the serum) onto my face and neck until it's absorbed. At night, I use Preserve as my night cream and it dries into a demi matte finish and I set everything with Hydrate. I always wake up with smooth and supple skin when I use them at night. During the day, I use the Pore Brightening Minimizer and Stay just like my nightly routine but switch out Preserve with Breathe. Breathe is lightweight tinted sunscreen/skincare product that has color adapt technology.  I like using this as my primer for my motds. It doesn't have the usual gray cast you might expect from a product with spf. After Breathe has set on my face, I either use Hydrate to set it for makeup free days or put on some makeup then set with Hydrate.

A week after following this routine, my acne scars on the cheeks are barely noticeable now and the dark spots on my face and neck have lightened significantly. I plan to stick with this new skincare routine indefinitely because it helps me achieve the canvas I want for my motds.

Check these products out for yourself at any My Skin Origins Branch here in Davao City. They have one in Jacinto and one in Matina. You may also order their products at the My Skin Origins online store.

Thanks for dropping by and may the glam be with you always! :)

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