Mary Kay At Play Cheek & Lip Stick and Liquid Lip Color Review

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  Hi, Glamazons! Ready for another beauty review? For this post, I'm going to review the cheek and lip products sent over by Mary Kay and I am just so excited to tell you about them. Having seen so many changes in the formulations in the makeup available to us these days, I have wondered how Mary Kay cosmetics has evolved since I last tried their products. 

  They sent me a package containing 3 Cheek and Lip Sticks and 6 Liquid Lip Colors. I used the products for over 2 weeks just so I can tell you how they worked for me.

Mary Kay At Play Lip & Cheek Sticks

  These cute tubes of vibrant colors may seem intimidating to use but while they do pack a punch once swatched, they actually blend quite nicely onto the skin. I've always found it rather daunting to apply tints because they either don't show up on my morena skin or they come off looking patchy. With these cheek and lip sticks, I did not have any difficulty achieving the look I wanted.

  The formula blends amazingly well and you can control how pigmented or subtle the shades appear on your skin and lips. It doesn't emphasize the dry patches on my face and lips and actually feels wonderful on the skin.

  It is worth noting that these color sticks look better with minimal makeup on. I really like the fresh and dewy look I get when I use it with only a tinted moisturizer. The creamy blush/ lippy just makes the color appear more natural on skin without layers of foundation. These pigments are buildable so you can go as subtle or as bold as you want.

  I like swiping it on my cheeks then buffing it on gently with a kabuki brush. I find that when you use this beauty tool, it just sits better on the skin and it doesn't look like you've been slapped silly to get that rosy glow.

  The Mary Kay At Play Lip & Cheek sticks come in three shades. Namely Peach Pop, Pinkin' Out Loud, and Razzleberry. Depending on the shade you want, whether it's a warm coral, a cool fuschia, or a muted wine, there's a lip & cheek stick perfect for you. Personally, I love all three shades.

Mary Kay At Play Lip & Cheek Stick swatches

Mary Kay At Play Cheek & Lip Sticks when worn

  These babies apply more like lip balm than lipstick. On the cheeks, they appear more like tint or a natural flush than the usual blush available. They feel creamy, light, and moisturizing on the skin. This is a welcome change from the drying tints and lipsticks I am used to.

  If I had to point out anything negative about the products, it would be the fact that they aren' t long wearing especially if you have oily skin like mine. This, however, isn't a deal breaker for me because this problem can be easily remedied by prepping the skin with primer before application and setting it with a little powder. A quick retouch is also very easy to do because the product is so easy to blend.

  The product has a slightly waxy scent (think crayons) which some may find off-putting but I honestly don't think this is a problem because it reminds me of natural beeswax. I personally don't notice the smell all that much.

  You may find that the product has a tendency to settle in the lines of your lips (especially with Peach Pop) but a quick fix for me is blotting out the first application with a tissue then dotting on the pigment over your lips with your fingers. 

  All in all the Mary Kay At Play Cheek & Lip Sticks can be a wonderful additions to your makeup collection. I would recommend it to those who prefer minimal makeup and just want that healthy, dewy flush instead of the full makeup look. I think it would be a perfect gift to college students, or that friend who just wants a subtle motd.

  Each Cheek & Lip Stick retails for P499.

Mary Kay At Play Liquid Lip Color

  I used these lippies for motds and really had fun with the different looks I was able to create. These are opaque and set into a velvety matte finish. I love that they don't bleed and are relatively long-wearing when you're careful. To be clear, they will last you through a light meal but not if you're digging into an oily dish. These are moisturizing lippies that will give you that crisp, matte look but you will generally need a touch up or two throughout the day. The vanilla scent is quite pleasant and I don't get that bitter taste on my lips when I use them. 

  I generally like matte liquid lipsticks that stay on all day even if they can be a bit drying on the lips but surprisingly, I really enjoyed the Mary Kay At Play Matte Lipsticks. Unlike the moisturizing liquid lippies I've tried in the past, these go on the lips so smoothly without looking streaky or patchy. The fun, bold line of colors is definitely a plus for me because I really love changing up my looks from time to time. 

  After a few weeks of using these liquid lippies, I've noticed that my lips aren't as dry and chapped as they usually are. I also don't struggle to remove the lippies at the end of the day. 

 With the need for touch ups after meals being the only negative thing I've observed so far, I definitely recommend these matte liquid lipsticks to all you glamazons. I would use these lippies in between using the "drying" lipsticks I currently have and whenever I need to rest and hydrate my parched lips.

Mary Kay At Play Liquid Lip Color Swatches

  These liquid lipsticks come in 16 shades and I was able to try 6 of the bold matte shades they have. I had a lot of fun with Red Alert, a classic fire engine red that I believe will look great on most skin tones and would be your go to shade for when you want an eye-catching red.

  Pink Me Up, I would describe as a cool watermelon pink that may initially seem unnervingly neon but looks great with soft motds (the key is to let this color be the star of your look). 

  Plum Noir is my personal favorite because unlike other lippies I've tried with a similar shade, it goes on smoothly and gives you that edgy, dark (almost black) lip color that works well with cat eyes. For me, this shade is something I enjoyed the most because it applied like a dream and stayed on for most of the night I wore it. 

  Spicy Red is a versatile warm muted red that can be used in a soft and casual look or that glam vixen motd (think cat eye liner, sultry but subtle eye color, full sculpted face and just the classic red lippy). This is the color I would recommend to someone who wants a sure thing. This is a beautiful shade most people would gravitate to.

  Taupe That is my second favorite shade but it can be tricky to use in motds because it is an ashy nude that can appear too pale like in my pic below. I've since used it with bolder eye looks, more defined contouring, and more blush with much better results. I also like to line my lips with a lip pencil 2-3 shades darker than this lippy. Doing this creates a defined border and a better pout.

  Lastly, there's Mad For Magenta. I got so many compliments for this shade and I would definitely say it's a dupe for MAC's Flat Out Fabulous. It's an unapologetic mix of pink and purple that looks amazing on any skintone. Among the 6 lippies, this was the crowd pleaser.

Mary Kay At Play Liquid Lip Color when worn

  The other ten shades I have yet to try are: Offbeat Orchid, Red Envy, Pink It Over, Vivid Violet, True Red, Bold Pink, Neon Nectarine, Champagne Gold, Hot Pink Platinum, and Strawberry Steel.

  Each Mary Kay At Play Liquid Lip Color retails for about P599.00.

  I'm really quite impressed with the Mary Kay At Play line and I certainly see myself buying the other bold shades I haven't tried from their Liquid Lip Colors. These fab finds are available through Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants. 

  Not sure which shades to get? You can try the Makeup Muse beauty app to help you choose which shades work for you. You can download it for free on your phone.

Thanks for visiting and may the glam be with you always! :)


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  1. Naka sealed ba lahat ng lipstick ng Mary Kay? Kasi yung sa amin hindi na nka sealed?

    1. Hi! The ones I got didn't have any special seal but they were all in a box and the products were new and untouched