Benefit's Ace That Face Palette

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Bo-ing1, Bo-ing 2, Hoola, and Watt's Up in 4 square pans make up this palette

  Hi, Glamazons! I saw Benefit's Ace That Face being featured in one of the ads online and I just had to try it out for myself. I ordered my palette from Sephora and it retails for about 1,344.00 PHP. I used it for over 2 weeks for my motds and now I can finally make up my mind about it.

Ace That Face packaging actually looks like a cute little notebook instead of a typical palette


  Ace That Face comes in a cute packaging reminiscent of a notebook/slam book complete with ruled sides. It has a mirror and four pans containing Bo-ing 1, Bo-ing 2 (both concealers), Hoola (a bronzer) and Watt's Up (a highlighter). Enclosed is a small booklet for the product description and tips and tricks on how to use it. You get 3g each of Bo-ing No.1 and No. 2, 4g of Hoola, and 4g of Watt's Up per palette.

Why I purchased it

  I like buying makeup for reviews in combo palettes or mini sets because I have so many of each of the items I get that I don't really get it in full size unless it's a favorite or if I've run out of it. It gives me a chance to check out a product without fully committing to something I haven't tried or something that has mixed reviews from beauty gurus I follow.

What it is and how I use It

  Benefit's Ace That Face is something I would probably bring with me when I travel because it has three of the essential items I use to create my motds. I use the Bo-ing concealers to highlight strategic areas of my face, wrap and sharpen the appearance of my brows. I also use them as base for my eyeshadows, and of course to hide imperfections. 

After setting my foundation/day cream with powder, I use the Hoola matte bronzer to sculpt and define my cheekbones, noseline, and frame my face. 

  Watt's Up is the final touch I like to gently dab over the high points of my cheekbones, brow bones, tip of my nose and over my cupid's bow. I like how natural this cream highlighter looks on my skin. It gives off a healthy sheen that I totally love.

Ace That Face Swatches

  Ace That Face works best with fresh or natural motds but you can definitely use them on a full face if you want but I personally like using this palette for times when I want to go for a look that's almost bare but better.

What I Wasn't Crazy About

  The Bo-ing concealers are ok but it isn't quite as full coverage as I am used to. They conceal imperfections to a certain extent but when I blend it out, no matter how careful I am or what tool I use, the coverage of the product gets buffed out. At best, I would say that it offers medium coverage. That's ok for marks that aren't too dark but not so much for more obvious hyperpigmentations. The shades don't match my skintone at all so I use them as highlighters instead and to get a sharper look for my brows. 

  Watt's Up looks great on bare skin or over a light base with minimal makeup. The only thing I don't like about it is the fact that it doesn't stay on for long on oily skin like mine. It looks great while it's there but you'll find that you will definitely need touch ups to keep that "lit from within" look.

Motd using Benefit's 
Ace That Face Palette

Would I recommend it?

  I like using this palette for light motds. I love the fact that all the things I need for my base is there and I can rock minimal makeup without giving up sculpting ang highlighting. The packaging is nice and compact enough to bring along for touch ups.

  Overall, while it isn't a ride or die product for me, it's still a welcome addition to my growing makeup collection. It'll get the basics done. Sometimes, that's all you need, really.

  I would recommend it to beginners but not for glamazons that might have the same products in their arsenal already. In the future, I would probably purchase just the Hoola matte bronzer because it's my favorite product in the palette. It would be a good purchase for someone with dry-normal skin and for someone who doesn't have too many skin issues/marks to conceal.

  Thanks for stopping by and may the glam be with you always!  :)

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