Ever Bilena Advance and Careline Winning Look and Thoughts

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   Hi, Glamazons! Our DBS fam was invited to the EB Beauty Fiesta Davao event and we had such a magical time with the brand. Ever Bilena chose to celebrate its Davao leg with a modern ethnic theme. We were encouraged to wear outfits with modern takes on our beautiful Filipino/Mindanaoan heritage. I was personally excited to be part of Ever Bilena's event because I believe this brand has empowered many by making quality beauty products accessible to everybody at a price that can't be beat.

  I refer to Ever Bilena as the average Filipina's first makeup. It's affordable and available in almost all the stores we go to. Malls, grocery stores, drugstores, and convenience stores, they all carry Ever Bilena products. I know so many of my friends in college loved this brand and some of my readers have asked me about their products in the recent years. Being the makeup junkie that I am, I happily obliged and purchased various EB and Careline products for research. I never expected to become such a big fan of the brand but with the improvements and additions they've made, it's hard not to fall inlove with their new makeup line. 

 For my personal preparations for the EB Beauty Fiesta Davao, I got the EB Advance Uncover 2 palette, Eyeconic Palette in Mixed Metals, the EB LTD liquid lipstick in Moody Merlot, Careline Best Brows, Careline Brow Gel in Biscuit, the Careline Graph-Ink Liner, EB Advance Glow Out Highlighter in Strobe, and the Ever Bilena Super Curl waterproof mascara. For my outfit, I went with a black wrap top and a skirt with an an ethnic trim.

Ever Bilena and Careline products I used for the night

  I decided on a dramatic burgundy-gold cut crease. Initially, my husband was worried that I might not be able to pull it off because it's not a look I do a lot and suggested I just do the usual motd I knew I was good at. But I just couldn't pass up the chance to go big on a look. I wanted a challenge. For me, beauty events are perfect opportunities to explore and showcase your skills and the products.

My burgundy and gold cut crease motd

  Ever Bilena has really stepped up its game. I find that their makeup quality has improved significantly since my college days and their range of products has expanded with the times to pique and hold the interest of beauty enthusiasts like me. The Uncover 2 and Eyeconic palettes have really exceeded my expectations and I really believe it is at par with so many of the great brands I've been buying but at a much affordable price. Blendability is great. Color payoff is amazing. Staying power is awesome. What more could you ask for?

  Guess what? The look I created bagged me the Binibining EB Advance award for the night. This win is for all the women I have always represented in my journey as a beauty blogger. Always remember that you are beautiful at any age, color, weight, or shape you are in. To those who have ever felt alone, unimportant, invisible, and unpretty--- this win is for you. I am 37, overweight, dark, and a mom of 2 and I am still learning the value of self-love. May this win remind us that we matter. May we always believe that we are beautiful. May we always be unafraid to be seen and heard. May we always choose to shine and stand out with the gifts we've been given.

A winning moment for the women I write for in my beauty blogging journey. Picture with Ms. Olivia Padilla, Ever Bilena marketing manager to my left and Ms. Creole David, EB Advance brand Manager to my right. Photo by Miel Laquindanum of Caramielrush

  So this is how my look faired throughout the night. I finished putting on my full face at around 2 PM and the look survived til midnight for our small gathering with close friends.

No retouch beauty with Ever Bilena

  Ever Bilena, especially the EB Advance line, is a brand I would definitely recommend to all my glamazon readers. I appreciate the brand's commitment to provide each Pinoy the products they want at an affordable price. They have expanded from cosmetics, to bath and body care, fragrances, and styling products and this range really gives them an edge over other brands in the market. After 35 successful years, the brand has not just proven itself as one of the leading Pinoy brands out there but a brand that cares about the specific needs of the Filipino consumers.

  Thank you for dropping by and may the glam be with you always! :)





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