Maybelline Superstay Ink Crayon Review and Swatches for Own Your Empire, Treat Yourself, Stay Exceptional, and Lead the Way

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 Maybelline Superstay Ink Crayon (top to bottom- Stay Exceptional, Lead the Way, Treat Yourself, and Own Your Empire)

Hi, Glamazons! I haven't had a minute to myself lately so I haven't had much time to write. One of the recent makeup haul  I've been dying to write about is the Maybelline Superstay Ink Crayon line. I've only purchased four of the shades they have but I think I've got the neutrals, reds, and pinks covered with my choices. Curious about these babies? Read on!

The Packaging

Each lippy comes in a sleek, retractable, pen-type packaging with a cap. It also has a removable bottom that holds a sharpener. I love this type of packaging because it makes lipstick applications more precise and they don't take up too much space in your bag. 

This pencil type packaging has a detachable bottom piece that holds the sharpener

The Shades

Own Your Empire

A bright scarlet shade that has a blue undertone. This shade reminds of me of Riri Woo from Mac but isn't as drying as the usual matte reds I'm used to.

Treat Yourself

A vibrant fuchsia that demands attention. While this shade may not be for the faint of heart, it certainly looks great on the lips. I like using minimal eye makeup and letting this lippy be the star of my motd. This is actually my favorite shade of the four. 

Stay Exceptional

A nude pink with a slightly purple undertone. This shade reminds me of Colourpop's Lumiere 2 and looks great on most skintones. This is my go to nude as of the moment.

Lead the Way

A nude rosey mauve that may be the best choice for gals who favor neutral motds. 


>The formula feels light on the lips and has a satin feel when applied but sets into a lovely velvet matte

>Pen type packaging makes it easier to apply and it certainly looks cute. Sharpener is a definite plus to keep those edges crisp

>Long wearing. As long as you don't eat oily food, they pretty much stay in place all day.

>Affordable at 299 pesos each

>Has a subtle cocoa-vanilla scent. I prefer unscented but I this subtle scent is much better than products with waxy and alcohol laden scents.

>Easier to remove than the Superstay Matte Ink 

>Does not dry out my lips as much


>Tip is soft and if you don't make sure it's pointy, you can have smudged edges. 

>While it may be easier to remove, the lippies can still leave a faint stain on the lips

>Not completely transfer proof

At this point I'm just nitpicking because I really love these lippies. 

Swatches and Application

These lipsticks go on smoothly and they appear the same as the shade of their pen's packaging when swatched. I personally prefer going light on the eyeshadows for Own Your Empire and Treat Yourself because their colors pack a punch and they really bring the attention to your lips. I like the dramatic winged liner for them just to round up the look. For the neutral tones, you can wear a bolder look but they also work well with light makeup. 

I find that the best way to apply it is to layer it on until you get the opacity you want. I don't recommend rubbing your lips together while it's still fresh from the tube because it makes the product look uneven. Simply apply until you get the level of opacity you want and let it set. You can blot or press your lips together once the product has dried a bit.

Maybelline Superstay Ink Crayon swatches

Maybelline Superstay Ink Crayon when worn

Is it longwearing? Yes. For as long as you're not eating anything oily or if you're careful, the product stays on without any touch ups. It doesn't bleed out of the drawn area and the line stays crisp if you don't mess with it. There's some product transfer when you drink or eat but not a whole lot. I find that when the lippy becomes uneven, you can just press your lips together, it will even out some of the color. Unlike with the matte liquid lipsticks, layering over the older application won't cause any caking.

All in all, this is definitely a lip product I would recommend to all you glamazons. They're matte, vibrant, and kind on the lips. 

Thanks for dropping by and may the glam be with you always! :)

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