Makeup Items to Buy for 6.6 Sale If You Love Ever Bilena

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 Hi, Glamazons! 

I recently posted a video where I created an MOTD using only Ever Bilena items. I personally wanted to explore the brand's growth as a local makeup company for my readers. I was excited to work with all the available Ever Bilena products I could possibly use and were available to me for a full makeup look.

Luminous motd using only Ever Bilena products

Ever Bilena has stepped up its game through the years and have churned out competitive products that have the same exceptional quality as those we can buy from foreign brands. Some of their products I can even say are better and all of which are definitely more affordable. 

These face products are all amazing things to to use to achieve that flawless and sculpted base

Ever Bilena has improved its Eye and Brow game quite a bit 

Lip products for the look

So here are the products I used in the video to create the look. If you're interested in creating a similar look, you might want to take advantage of the nationwide 6.6 sale to get even better deals for them.

1. Ever Bilena Advance First Step Mattifying Primer

2. Ever Bilena Advance Brow kit

3. Ever Bilena Advance Fine Line Brow Liner in Lily

4. Ever Bilena Advance Brow Gel in Soft Brown 

5. Ever Bilena Advance Studio Finish Stick Foundation in Miel

6. Ever Bilena Advance Uncover Palette

7. Ever Bilena Advance All Day Eyeliner Pen

8. Ever Bilena Advance Eye Define Waterproof Matic Eye Liner in Smoke and Mocha 

9. Ever Bilena Advance All Day Foundation in Olive

10. Ever Bilena Matte 2 Way Cake in Golden Beige

11. Ever Bilena Contour Palette

12. Ever Bilena Matte Blush On in Milkweed

13. Ever Bilena Advance Glow Out Highlighter in Spotlight

14. Ever Bilena Matte Lip Liner in Toast of New York

15. Ever Bilena Matte Nudes in Bellisima

16. Ever Bilena Advance Mascara Duo

17. Ever Bilena Advance Lock That Look Makeup Setting Spray

Personally I loved creating the motd as it looks like a more youthful way of doing your makeup. I love the primer, the brow products, the liquid foundation, contour, blush and highlighter. If I could only ever have just 1 item I would choose either the contour palette or the highlighter.

Enjoy shopping for your favorite makeup and skincare during the mid year sale and get great discounts as well as free shipping. I hope you found this entry helpful and may the glam be with you always! :)

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  1. I am using their liquid foundation and it's awesome! 💯🙌