Winging Your Peepers Made Easy with KIMUSE

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     Hi, Glamazons! As you know, the trend for beauty has really changed with the pandemic. It's hard to put on a full face with half of our faces covered by masks these days. Many of the glamazons I know have opted to focus on skincare or investing on longwearing makeup. Many prefer the minimal, often no transfer products that are  budge-proof under the mask. Another thing I see is the focus on eye makeup. 

    Nowadays, the eyes are practically the only features you see with half the face covered up. It actually makes sense that beauty enthusiasts emphasize and enhance this area with makeup. You can go bold with full eyeshadow with dramatic wings or subtle and simple, bare cat-eyed liner and any of these choices will kick up even the very basic masked look up a notch. There's something mesmerizing about perfectly winged eyes and even if you decide to go all bare and just use sunblock, the nicely done winged liner  just makes you look well put together.

    That being said, while winging out your eyeliner looks really good, sometimes it can be really hard to execute flawlessly. I play with makeup so often but I still struggle with the flick to get those sexy feline eyes effect with the wings. I will sometimes mess up my eye makeup altogether trying to get the look.

    I like the dramatically done eyes but seriously... The struggle is real sometimes. So it's really exciting to stumble upon hacks that make winging out your liner easier. I've tried some methods that have helped me out in this department but the third way I've seen is perhaps, by far, the easiest way to do it.

         The cat eye liner gives you a sultry look even with half of your face covered up

1. Use tape 

    Take a long piece of tape, put the middle of the tape under the tip of your nose and stick the ends on each outer corner of your eye. This will basically be where you trace the eyeliner at to make the wing. Only problem I have with this method is the tape disturbs the makeup or does not stick well on my skin layered with makeup or creams and sunblock.

2. Use a stiff card 

    You basically just need a clean stiff plastic card (like old membership cards or expired unused atm cards---please sanitize before using) to lay at the outer corner of your eyes to guide your flick. This can still be tricky though and can still disturb foundation where the card is placed. cards are also stiffer and unyielding and will not follow the grooves of your face. This is my least preferred method but it works for other people.

3. Use a stamp style eyeliner

    This is the quickest way to achieve the cat eye look for me and quite possibly the hack that doesn't mess up your foundation or have issues with tape adhesion. It's the fastest way to achieve the cat eye and the best eyeliner hack for beginners that want to get those even wings fast.

 Image from KIMUSE Official Store/Shopee Philippines

BEAUTY DEAL ALERT!!!!  KIMUSE actually has this product that works pretty much like a double-headed marker with a fine felt tip on one end that makes drawing the line on the lash line easier and actual wing stamps that create the even flicks on the left and right outer corners of your eyes. This International Women's month, take advantage of KIMUSE's beauty treat by clicking on this link to get a good deal on this beauty hack. You can get up to 80% off discount on products when you shop at KIMUSE on March 23 at Shopee Beauty.Have you tried this product? Let me know on the comments below how you liked it. Whether you want makeup or skincare, Shopee Beauty's got you covered. Get exclusive deals of up to 90% off, new launches  and exciting offers from your favorite brands and free shipping for with a minimum spend of P499! 

        Try the gorgeous and sexy cat eye look with your mask. You will definitely see a beautiful difference. Thanks for dropping by and may the glam be with you always!

Image from KIMUSE Official Store/Shopee Philippines



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