Colourette Shades You Cannot Pass Up On for the 6.6 Midyear Sale

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 Hi, Glamazons! I've been a fan of Colourette for almost 2 years now and I recently purchased 2 matte colourtints I've been seeing people use on the social media platforms I've been frequenting. I got Robin and Jordyn because I was actually surprised that they could be used as contour as I only ever used colourtints for blush and as lip color. 

Colourette Colourtints in Jordyn and Robin

I was pleasantly amazed at how well these products worked on both minimal and full makeup. Both are very pigmented and both are very blendable. I was apprehensive about trying them out as contour and blush as these colors and the medium they come in aren't what I usually go for.

My favorite part of my makeup routine is contouring but I usually am unable to do this for natural, no foundation motds as powder contour just looks wrong on bare looking skin because they can look ashy or muddy. I don't do the natural makeup too often because I feel like it just makes my face look even rounder than it already is and just doesn't emphasize the bone structure for me. These 2 shades in liquid form seem to be the best colourtints that enable me to achieve the look that is the perfect balance between soft and snatched. They look great on bare skin or on top of tinted sunscreen. If you are wearing them for full glam, I would use them after applying foundation before the powder--- never after powder as it breaks up the base with its oil.

Robin and Jordyn swatches for comparison

In terms of color, they are similar in the sense that both are deep brown shades but are actually quite different in tone once applied on the skin. Robin is more of a warm and dark reddish brown while Jordyn is more of a cool, almost greyish brown taupe. For this reason, I love using Jordyn to contour and Robin to warm up my face. 

The colourtints have great staying power but they become virtually budge proof when set with a little powder.  I usually only ever have to lightly set the nose and eyelids with transparent powder as those are oily areas on my face. 

Blendability is amazing. I never have to worry about having to deal with streaks of unblended product stuck like some tints do where they stain too fast and too deeply where you initially placed them on your face. They also look amazing when used as eyeshadows.

Used Robin as my eyeshadow, blush and lippy while contouring with 
Jordyn. The only other products I used apart from the colourtints 
were tinted suncreen, liquid highlighter and a light feathering of a brow pencil

Price point is good. At 299 php each, they are actually a fabulous deal as a little goes a long way and they will last you for a long time. They are actually on sale right now for the 6.6 midyear sale. Interested in buying these babies? Click this link to buy them at a good price today.

I highly recommend these products from Colourette and I would definitely repurchase them once I run out. I hope you found this short beauty review helpful and may the glam be with you always! :)

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