My Take on the Luxe Organix Fragrances

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All the Luxe Organix Fragrance variants available at the time of my purchase.

Hi, Glamazons! I'm currently obsessed with fragrances these days and decided to  try these eau de toilette from Luxe Organix. I've looked at all the reviews about these online and so far most of them were on the positive note and the only real drawback is its longevity which I understand with this type of fragrance. 

Eau de toilettes perform better than cologne but don't do as well as eau de parfums mainly because of the oil concentration. The more of this a fragrance has, the more long lasting the scent is. However, a lot of times I actually prefer eau de toilette over eau de parfum because I find perfumes in general very cloying and the heady scents tend to make my head hurt or trigger my asthma even with just 1 or 2 spritz. I like the control of the lighter fragrances because I can reapply according to my tolerance.

One of the things I really love about this line is the amount of thought they put into the packaging of each of these fragrances. It comes in thick, simple but classy boxes that makes gifting them to friends and loved ones a more special gesture. The elegant glass bottles give the fragrances a premium feel that you don't really get with anything in the P299 price range.

Left to right: Luxe Organix's Angel's Dust, Blushing Bouquet, Floral Musk, and Love Luna

I decided to get these four variants to have more choices for whatever fragrance I'm in the mood for at any given occasion. This post is non sponsored and based purely on my personal impressions. I've already tried these four variants, so let's talk about each of these scents. (Click the fragrance name to see where I bought it)

This scent is probably my favorite of the bunch and brings back so many fond memories of my childhood and special moments with my mom. It is described as a fresh scent with citrus notes that's delicate and comforting. For me personally, the scent of this eau de toilette makes me think of clean linens, just out of the shower freshness, and a brightness reminiscent of the Spanish colognes we grew up with like Nenuco, Denenes, and Angel's Breath--- all of which were big in the 90's. What I love about this fragrance is that while it is citrusy, it doesn't leave a sour dry down when you use it. Longevity-wise, on the skin it doesn't really go past 2 hours on the skin even if you apply it on moisturized skin. I actually like spraying this all over my pillows or clothes and that takes the scent from bedtime til morning. If you are a glamazon that likes nice and clean steady scents that is a crowd pleaser, this should do nicely for your daily scent. Projection and longevity is one of the poorest as it is a very mild scent. Maybe a 3 out of 10.

If pink were a scent it would certainly smell like this. It's very floral and feminine. Smells expensive and gives off that soft, sweet, and girlish vibe that It girls just seem to possess. The thing that sets it apart from other florals is the fact that it gives off a light and fresh impression that isn't saccharine sweet or cloying. It is a fragrance that is light enough for everyday but assertive enough for night time events. While I do have florals in my small collection, this is so much better than the ones I've tried and more youthful. It's unobtrusive, gentle, very pleasant and has that girl next door feel. It reminds me of Miss Dior with the sweet rose and sweet citrus notes. Projection and longevity is slightly better than Angel's Dust but not as good as Love Luna. This would score a 5 out of 10 for me.

This musky but cool floral fragrance, has a sexy and mysterious tone to it. The floral musk is deep and arresting. It is one of the stronger fragrances in this line and you need to be careful with how much you use. This is definitely an attention grabbing scent that is sure to get you compliments. I would describe it as a womanly and sensual scent versus Blushing Bouquet's girlish and playful. Definitely femme fatale fragrance. For some reason, it reminds me of Moonlight Path from Bath and Body Works. Projection and Longevity is good with this variant. This scores a solid 7 out of 10 for me.

This cool, woody, musky floral scent is probably the most unisex scent from this line. It has an almost aquatic quality to it and also makes me think of green meadows and amber. It smells like expensive perfume and gives off a strong and confident vibe. It is another scent that can come off as too strong and heady. It also has a slight herbal note to it that some may find too overwhelming. I get patchouli and vanilla from it and I try to exercise a light hand on anything that has patchouli really. The dry down has a powdery/ soapy scent and for as long as you don't go crazy with it, it can be a wonderful fragrance. It's perfect for a Girl Boss scent and reminds me of both Davidoff's Cool Water and Juniper Breeze from Bath Body Works. Projection is great but longevity is not as good. This scores a 7 for projection for me but a longevity of 3.

The scents last for 1-3 hours depending on how moisturized your skin is and if you sprayed on clothing. On the skin, it pretty much behaves as most eau de toilettes which require re-spritzing throughout the day. Again, this isn't really a bad thing for me because I like re-applying them.

Let me just say--- I REGRET NOTHING! I am happy to add these scents to my growing fragrance collection. I currently don't have perfumes or mists similar to them which allows me to enjoy the uniqueness of each variant.

I hope you liked my first ever fragrance review and thank you for dropping by. May the glam be with you always! :)


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