Swatch and Mini Makeup Review for Egyptian Desert from Detail Cosmetics

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Hi, glamazons! Have you tried Detail Cosmetic’s Egyptian Desert? I’ve had this for a while and it is probably one of those palettes that make it worth your while to purchase. I can't quite remember how much its retail price was but I do know that I got it at 50 percent off at Watsons a while back and it was so much cheaper than most of the palettes I get for myself. So if you ever come across this palette, would I actually recommend it? Yes. Definitely. The price point, I believe, was a big factor for the purchase and the packaging is just so gorgeous. I simply had to add it to my collection.

Of course, when I got it I had visions of me doing a Queen Cleopatra motd. Lots of metallics to play with to achieve it really.

The beautiful packaging was what really made me buy it!

In case you didn't know, Detail Cosmetics is actually a Filipino makeup brand that offers high performing and cruelty-free beauty products. Honestly I already have so many eyeshadow palettes that I really have no business even buying one anymore. Ah, but here we are, with another palette review.

I guess after swatching and trying it, my one gripe about it would be me wishing there was a cobalt blue included in the palette to match the Liz Taylor looks in Cleopatra but that would just be me nitpicking really so it isn't a real complaint.

The names chosen for each shade in the palette tied very well together with the Egyptian Desert theme. Formulation is actually pretty nice and fine milled. The metallics well done and goes on smooth and does not look chunky at all. My least favorite shades would be Sahara and Red Sea. I feel like they aren't as pigmented as the rest of the others although both feel nice and finely milled on the skin. Most of the colors are vibrant and true to pan with very little fallout. The eyeshadows are longwearing but I would definitely prime the eyelids to get the oomph for a look. 

Top to bottom left: Obelisk, Oasis, Pyramid, Papyrus, Red Sea, Sahara, Nile. Top to bottom right: Thebes, Sphinx, Temple, Cleopatra, Artifacts, Pharaoh, and Cairo

All in all while Egyptian Desert may not be the palette I often reach for, the only reason would be because the metallics would be something I might use for night glam and the mattes I already have in my other palettes. Still a great palette to have though. Definitely recommend for beginners working with a budget and looking for eyeshadows that are on the warm-neutral spectrum. You will have enough mattes and metallic to play with.

Thanks for reading and may the glam be with you always! :)

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