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Hi, Glamazons! I just tried the White Glow skincare line and I want to share my thoughts about their products. I don’t really like to stray very far from my usual products but I do cycle my treatments. The reason why I switch up the items I use is the fact that I feel the products eventually stop being effective on my skin without the mini breaks or sometimes the actual needs of my skin change with the seasons. Having more options to cycle into my daily skincare routine is always a good thing.

The White Glow products I tested out for a total of 2 weeks

I started using retinol during my late 30’s because my skin has started to show signs of aging. I also use AHA and BHA, Niacinamide, and Vit C. As you might surmise, regular exfoliation is really part of my skincare routine. While it has helped to improve my skin, it actually makes me more sensitive to products because it’s been through exfoliation. Apart from that, I have a lot of allergies and already have sensitive skin to start with, so you can understand why I’m hesitant about trying new things for my skin.

These products from White Glow promised to deliver amazing results after just 1 week of use.  It usually takes longer than that for me to see noticeable effects because my skin needs an adjustment period. So I decided to use it for 2 weeks. I was certainly looking forward to the results. 

Scent and packaging

I love the fact the products don’t really have any strong scent because I try to always choose items that are either unscented or very mildy scented. I find that when the fragrance is too strong in products it triggers my rhinitis. I have never had that problem with this line.

The packaging seems sturdy for the creams and have very colorful layouts. For my own preference, I actually prefer a more minimalistic design and less colors so the contrast between the product literature is clearer. I have granny eyes so I really need the words to be clearer and bigger but I understand that this type of packaging can be boring and I do know that a lot of people prefer colorful and whimsical designs over the plain ones so it really just boils down to your preference.

White Glow Herbal and Whitening Soap

I really like the size of the soap as well as the shape. It smells like virgin coconut oil and milk for me and the smooth and round shape of it makes handling it a pleasant experience. 

For people like me that have been using retinol and other micro peeling solutions, you may be more sensitive to soaps like this. The first few days, I felt a stinging sensation with this product and I always react this way to product switches anyway so I kept using it until my skin adjusted to the formula. 

One thing to note when I use any kind of solid soap on my face, I like to use a foaming net bag and use the lather I get from agitating the product with the net. This gives me a nice foam that I then use on my face. I never directly touch the actual bar of soap to my face. This for me dispenses just the right about of product on the surface of my skin and makes it easier to rinse off. It also makes it convenient to hang up to dry thereby saving more of the soap. It is pretty solid as a soap and does not melt nor lose its shape as fast as other beauty soaps. 

Some people like to keep the product on their skin for a few minutes but I honestly just rinse it off after spreading the foam. As long as you’ve removed the cosmetics or sunblock with makeup remover, I find that this soap does a good job at cleansing your skin.  Doing it this way minimizes my skin’s reaction to the soap and helps me avoid drying out my skin.

It would definitely be a plus if they added a foaming bag with this soap but then again you can always buy those online.

White Glow Facial Toner

I use this after washing my face with the soap and I make sure to always include my neck area in any skincare routine. The toner does not have the dreaded chemical smell I hate. I like how it picks up the last bits of oil and dirt from my skin and it leaves a nice glow. 

I find that don’t need to use a lot of this product each time. One cotton pad with a good amount of the product is enough for each use. For other toners I find that I need to use more because I don’t feel like I’ve spread the product enough. 

This toner does not dry out my skin but like the soap, I initially had some sensitivity to it. After a few days of using this product, my skin adjusted to it.

For the packaging, I really like the fact that I can see how much product I still have left in the container. 

White Glow Facial Day Cream

After using my toner I put on the day cream which has SPF 30. I like how it applies and spreads on my skin. It is probably one of the smoothest formulas I’ve tried, it absorbs into the skin quickly and gives me a nice base for my sunscreen (yes I still use sunscreen after) and makeup. It has an almost blurring effect upon application. It has lightened some of my dark spots, and minimized the appearance of my pores. I like that there is no pilling when I work it into my skin. That is one of my pet peeves when applying any kind of cream on my face. I hate it when they pill or clump on the surface instead of being absorbed by the skin.

White Glow Facial Night Cream

I like how soothing this feels on my skin after the toner and how non sticky it is. Except for the day cream’s SPF, this pretty much gives me the same effects as the day cream. I like using it at night as it isn't cloying and oily. It makes my skin feel soft and hydrated throughout the night. I find that I wake up with a nice glow after using this product. 

White- Glow Hand and Body Lotion

My favorite product of the bunch. I like how it is fast absorbing but hydrating. Non-sticky and feels super light on the skin!

I love how this lotion feels on my skin as it’s not sticky and while it does absorb quickly into my skin, it does lock moisture into my skin. I like how it smells and it works well with the fragrances I use. 

Packaging-wise, I like how it looks— Barbie feeeeeeelzzzz! I like the fact that it is in tube form. No more shaking the bottle of lotion to get the product. You just leave it standing up on its cap and let gravity do all the work for when you need it.

This is my most recommended product of the bunch as this kind of lotion is great for the Philippine climate. It’s light, moisturizing, non pilling, and not oily nor sticky on the skin.

The Results

After a week, you will notice a glow on the skin as it has done enough exfoliation to reveal the new skin. As a morena, I don’t really expect any kind of drastic whitening from topical products and honestly, my skin was basically the same shade. I find that the lightening effect is really more from removing the old skin through exfoliation and since it’s essentially baby skin it will look lighter. I also avoid going out in the sun when I use these products so the melanin doesn’t cause as much pigmentation.

I've had pre existing texture on my face and upon my first use, because of previous exfoliation, I had some redness. 

As with any new skincare, I always start out with some kind of sensitivity because that is just how my skin is especially after I started Retinol. I decided to continue with the White Glow line to let me see improvements. 

This is my arm at the start of the review period

After using it for 2 weeks, I do notice an improvement on skin texture, pore appearance, and a slight lightening on my arms—although this isn’t really essential for me. 

Before I started, I had a lot of texture on my face and using these products religiously for two weeks basically refined and smoothed out my skin. My makeup looks great on top of it. Discolorations from pimples and allergies also lightened.

After a week noticeable improvements on texture and discoloration. Skin looks smoother and the redness and irritation is no longer as raised as before. Applying the creams have a soothing effect on my skin.

All in all I think the skin refining, anti- aging properties plus the beautiful glow I experienced more than the actual skin whitening quality, would be my reasons to get these products. I believe if you are a morena like me, it just takes longer for the pigmentation to go away which is not to say the product is ineffective because you can actually see that my skin lightened a bit. So if you wanted to really whiten your skin you would need to use it for a longer period of time. I enjoyed trying this skin care line and I’m also very happy with the results. 

In case you're thinking of getting them, you can buy them from their stores at Shopee Lazada, or TikTok. You can also get them at Davao Farmacia Southern, in front of UniCity and beside Chowking Bajada.

After 2 weeks of consistent use, my skin has dramatically improved

Redness is completely gone, fine lines have disappeared, dark spots have lightened, my skin tone is much more even, and the treatment minimized the appearance of my pores. This has greatly improved the overall appearance of my skin.

It’s important to remember that while using these products, you need avoid sun exposure and wear sunscreen as the exfoliation is going to make your skin more vulnerable to the effects of UVA and UVB.

If you look closely, you can see that the skin by the wrist is lighter than when I started the treatment

I hope you found this product review helpful. Feel free to let me know what products you want me to review next time. 

Thanks for dropping by and may the glam be with you always! :)


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