The Iconic MAC Ruby Woo

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MAC Ruby Woo remains a classic throughout the years

Hi, Glamazons! I just got MAC’s Ruby Woo, so let’s talk about it. I actually put off getting this shade for a long time because I always thought it was basically the same as Riri Woo so I decided not to get it at the time.

Fast forward to so many years later, Ruby Woo is still a favorite red for a lot of MAC girls so I finally decided to add it to my collection out of curiosity.

The story behind Ruby Woo is actually very interesting because they came upon this shade through a happy accident. The developers were tweaking Russian Red, the bestselling shade of red at the time, to come up with a formula that was less matte. The end result was this blue red that was more vivid and brighter than Russian Red and was altogether stunning in its own right. It was then launched as part of the 1999 Retro Matte collection with five other lipsticks— namely Verushka, Santiago, Bronx, So Be, and Moxie. Of this collection, only Ruby Woo has been retained and has become part of the permanent collection.

It is it's own kind of beautiful

I personally think this is my favorite red now. It's a true red that is crisp, stunning, vivid and flattering on my NC35 skin. I'm told this shade looks good on any skin tone though. The bright red makes your teeth look whiter and even with minimal makeup, this shade can give you that classic Parisian motd that is always a hit. It is a showstopper red for me and a definite must have for any Glamazon.

This shade is flattering and makes your teeth look whiter

I don't know why I waited so long to get this but because this shade is a timeless classic, it's never too late to enjoy it. For the pros, It is long wearing because of the matte finish and it really is a striking color. It's bold and unapologetic. Perfect when you want to power dress and exude effortless confidence. Cons would be the tugging that goes with any matte lipstick. it is also somewhat drying so make sure to prep your lips and moisturize. Now, I know I said it's longwearing but it isn't budge proof. as with any red, it is always best to line the lips first before filling in and then followed up with a quick blot on the tissue. After this, you can opt to use powder over the tissue to set or top with another layer of the lipstick. You also need to be more careful with red lipsticks because as stunning as they look, they aren't very forgiving in terms of smudging and transfer.

It's a true red with blue tones that make it flattering on any skintone

I definitely recommend this MAC lipstick shade to any Glamazon who has a fondness for the classic red lip. For me, this particular shade is something I would repurchase or gift to friends and loved ones.

Thanks for dropping by and may the glam be with you always! :)

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