Lorac Pro Palette Product Review

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  This is my first time to write about makeup and I hope you find this useful if you are looking to buy the Lorac Pro Palette.

  I was actually looking at Urban Decay's Naked varieties when I stumbled upon Lorac. I was looking at videos online telling people what their holy grail palettes are and a lot of them recommended the Lorac Pro Palette.

  TRIVIA: Lorac's founder,Carol Shaw, is a Hollywood fave in the makeup artistry scene. Stars have been known to book her months before any red carpet gig. LORAC is CAROL spelled backwards.  :)

   After going through some of my favorite vlogs about palettes, I finally decided to get it.

  One thing beauty bloggers always mentioned was its versatility and wearability because it came with both matte and shimmer shades and the colors were simply wonderful. It was classic enough to please those who prefer a conservative everyday look and edgy enough to create something dramatic and completely over the top. Each palette comes with a small tube of eyeshadow primer which definitely makes a big difference in terms of application, finish and longevity.

  You get a total of 16 colors. The top row of shadows are matte while the bottom ones have shimmer. Above is a picture of the swatches on my skin. Top left to right are 1. White, 2. Cream, 3. Taupe, 4. Lt. Pink, 5. Sable, 6. Espresso and 7. Black. The bottom left to right shades are 1. Nude, 2. Champagne, 3. Gold, 4. Lt. Bronze, 5. Pewter, 6. Garnet, 7. Deep purple, and 8. Slate.

  You can get a variety of looks from this palette. Want something light and appropriate for an everyday office look or maybe you're going for something that matches your unique style? This palette will definitely deliver. It has become my favorite palette in my makeup collection and I'm so glad I purchased it.

1. Versatility- variety of colors will let you complete a look of choice with shades in matte and shimmer. Sombre and sultry in one palette
2. Quality- feels buttery and soft on the skin and has no chalky feel.
3. Payoff- intensity is buildable and vibrant
4. Longevity- when used with the primer, it can last all day
5. Price- cheaper than urban decay's Naked line and other mid priced luxury brands

1. Availability- outside the U.S. it isn't readily available in stores and access to it may mean purchasing it online.
2. Fallout-you need to tap off excess product before applying because it gets everywhere!
3. Packaging- I was initially excited to see the matte black palette but later noticed that it looked dirty when makeup got on it and it's pretty hard to keep it looking clean. Fingerprints and powder smudges are particularly hard to get out.
4. Price- a lot more expensive than drugstore makeup such as Maybelline, L'oreal, and NYX.

Final Verdict--- Holy Grail, must buy palette. If you can get your hands on it, never ever let it go, sweeties. :) #loracpropalettereview

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