Mac Whirl Review

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  Today I'm going to do a review for a particular MAC lipstick I've been waiting to get my hands on for months. I've started seeing a return of the 90's brown lipstick and I began browsing through the net for looks that I fancied. Finally, I zeroed in on a Kylie Jenner pic. You know... the one with the over lined lip look everybody is so keen on playing around with. The associated lipstick for that look was MAC Whirl. I looked around for even more pictures using the said shade and I decided that I just had to have it.

    I had to wait for one of my favorite online sellers to restock since it was always sold out. I got mine from Bodyrockers_ph. I was always asking about it so she vibed me when she had it on hand. For you make up junkies out there, check out their online store on Instagram and Facebook.

  I swatched it on my arm for you and in case you're wondering I'm an NC40 in MAC. That's how the shade appears on my skin. Whirl is basically a pink brown shade. It's very wearable and I would classify at as a medium brown neutral lip. Not quite nude because it does have brown and rose pigments. You can go down the road of full smokey eyes or even classic shadows for this lippy. I went for a neutral look with a little contour for my motd above. It came in the trademark black bullet that I personally love. It smells like the usual MAC lippies, which is a bit like vanilla or chocolate. It's matte and while it doesn't pull or drag at your lips, it can be drying (as with most matte formula). It can settle in cracks and clump in the lines of the lips so make sure to prep your lips with some sugar scrub or gentle exfoliation before using it.

The Fab
1. Beautiful Color
2. Long wearing
3. Smells great
4. Very wearable

The Sad
1. A little bit pricey
2. Almost always out of stock
3. Drying

  Overall, it's a great shade to have. I've always had a soft spot for matte MAC lippies and Whirl makes 17 in my collection. It's a neutral brown that will work with any skin color and can work with both dramatic and classic looks. I highly recommend this lippy :)

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