Product Review: Estēe Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Eyeshadow Palette

by - 6:40 AM

  Hello, my pretties! This is the second palette I'm going to review for you and I hope you get the information that you need about Estēe Lauder's Pure Color Envy Sculpting Eyeshadow if you're thinking about getting it. Mine was a gift from my parents and I've used it about 5 times already. So far, I would give it a 7 out of 10 simply because the quality and packaging are great and it has a luxurious feel to it but I feel that the color pay off isn't as vibrant as my other palettes. The product feels nice and soft on the skin but the shades don't register as strongly when applied. That being said, the eyeshadows' colors are buildable if you feel that you need more. The shades are very neutral, some matte while some with shimmer.

   The eyeshadows all feel buttery  on the skin but some of the colors do not look too different from each other-- it has enough shades though to be able to create beautiful everyday looks. I've posted swatches of the palette following its order on my arm. I am an NC 40 in mac, so I don't know if my skin tone has anything to do with the the product's apperance but that's basically how it looks on my skin. All of which took more than 2 swipes to make the color come out. The palette alone goes for about $25.00 on ebay but you could probably get it as a set in amazon or Estee Lauder. I like using this palette best on my young daughter when she performs. I find the colors very soft and natural enough to enhance her features but not too strong to make her look like she has tons of makeup on. I even use it myself when I just want to keep my makeup light and fresh. It's not my absolute fave but I like it enough to keep it for subtle everyday looks. Tip: you can intensify the colors by spritzing a brush with a little setting spray or water. The key is using a slightly damp (not wet) brush to grab hold of the pigments and place it on your lids. When you use the wet brush method, it really renders the shadows' colors on the skin better.

The Fab
1. Feels great on the skin
2. Packaging is beautiful, luxurious and sturdy
3. Creates natural and classic looks

The Sad
1. Color payoff is not as good as other palettes
2. You need a setting spray to keeo the colors vibrant the whole day
3. Price--- you can get more from less expensive palettes

  So there you have it, it all depends on what look you're going for. If you want something for your light everyday makeup this is worth a try but if you prefer dramatic looks with more color, you should probably keep looking.

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